A new game from the creator of Dead Cells, an addition to Talos Principle 2 and a major update to the hit game Cult of the Lamb.  Devolver Digital, as usual, did not disappoint

June 8, 2024 at 1:34 pm

During the presentation organized by Devolver Digital, there were many interesting announcements regarding Cult of the Lamb and Talos Principle 2. There were also announcements of completely new games.

Image source: Devolver Digital


Summer Game Fest wasn’t the only show taking place yesterday. In addition to the big event organized by Geoff Keighley, there was also a more modest but slightly less emotional presentation from Devolver Digital. For those who haven’t been following this 20+ minute broadcast, we’ve put together a summary of what we consider to be the most interesting announcements.

Recording the broadcast of the show


Tenjutsu is the work of Sebastien Benard, lead designer of Popular Dead cells. The production is described as a “roguelike with realistic combat”. Tenjutsu takes place in Secret Garden City.

Players take on the role of a rebellious Yakuza member who wants to oppose her former colleagues. Four powerful criminal gangs will stand in our way. To defeat them, we must master a brutal combat system and expand a diverse arsenal of weapons, upgrades, and martial arts techniques.

release date Tenjutsu Not announced yet. The production will be released on PC and consoles that have not yet been revealed.

  1. Tenjutsu – Card Game on Steam

Cult of the Lamb: The Unholy Alliance

During the Devolver Digital presentation, there was also an announcement of an update for Cult Of The Lamb. An unholy alliance – Because that’s what its title says – this The update, which will add two-player cooperative gameplay and a new playable character – a goat – to the popular roguelike game. The game’s maker, Massive Monster studio, confirmed that in addition to the campaign, the update includes changes to existing mini-games so that players can participate in them. An unholy alliance The roguelike game will be enriched with additional content such as new buildings, runes, companion attributes, quests, and more secrets for you to discover.

to update Cult of the Lamb: The Unholy Alliance It will be available for free on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series.

  1. Cult of The Lamb – Game Card on Steam

Talos Principle 2: The Path to Heaven

Fans of puzzle game The Talos Principle 2 can’t complain as Devolver Digital showed off this year’s stream, titled Croteam’s upcoming expansion The road to Elysium. A three-part expansion following the events of the base game will enrich the game with another portion of mysteries to solve. Players will have the opportunity to learn about the continued “evolution of the world of robotics and see the key moments of the Millennium Journey from a new perspective.”

The road to Elysium It will debut on June 14 on PC and PS4, PS5, XOne, and XSX/S consoles..

  1. The Talos Principle 2: Road to Elysium – Game Card on Steam


It is worth noting another interesting production that graced the Devolver Digital display. letter Owner(s)an action game produced by Machine Heart, starring a girl named Luca. Possessed by a mysterious creature named Rehm, the protagonist travels through a city destroyed as a result of an interdimensional catastrophe in order to find the answer to why it happened.

The core of Sideshow’s gameplay is “smooth dynamic platforming traversal thanks to a wide range of movement abilities that also work during fierce and precise battles.”

Owner(s) It will arrive on PC in 2025.

  1. Owner(s) – Game card on Steam

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