A new 737 takeoff at Woodooly Park, Scott, Pews

The new Woodoolypark attraction took off on Monday with two feet in the sand in Beaux, Scott.

The launch took place in a tropical atmosphere, or according to the team on the ground, “ha-woo-��� .

“We’re excited, we can’t wait, we’re unique! The response has been fantastic and I think there’s going to be a lot of demand for it,” director and co-owner Carl K. Boucher enthused.

Virtual reality

A unique journey aboard a Boeing 737, a cocktail on a relaxing boat and a Mexican menu await visitors from June 15. The plane is clearly visible from Highway 73.

Photo by Jean-François Racine

To deliver this experience, the company chose to work with Quebec brand TrioTech. Twenty-four seats combine their technology to bring the movie to life All over the world, From Brogent Company.

“Since last year, we’ve had an idea in mind and the project has come to where we wanted to take it. We’re still giving an opportunity, an opportunity to keep people longer,” says the businessman.

The new attraction is called “Airvoodooly, Destination 737”. On the plane, he takes his passengers on a world tour using virtual reality headsets and synchronized motion seats.

Surfing and bar

Families can visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Great Sphinx of Egypt and the Sydney Opera House in one day.

According to the site, La Taqueria FoodTruck will take care of the catering aspect with its 100% Mexican menu.

A new 737 takeoff at Woodooly Park, Scott, Pews

Photo by Jean-François Racine

Access around the plane is free, but to travel on AirWoodooli, you need to buy a ticket in advance.

In Quebec, the 737 offering begins in the summer of 2021 at the terminal grounds on Airport Road.

At the end of 2022, Le 737 declared bankruptcy with accumulated debts of nearly $3 million.

The plane then went on the road to land at Scott in a new concept.

A new 737 takeoff at Woodooly Park, Scott, Pews

From Woodoolypark: Alexandre Labe-Doyon (Administrative Services Manager), Mariel Bouillon (Co-Owner), Claudia Boulin (Co-Owner) and Carl K. Boucher (co-owner).

Photo by Jean-François Racine

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