A mysterious package will be delivered to Earth

Rover Perseverance She has already done some of her work. The robot took 10 samples from different places of interest and then placed the regolith into 10 tubes, but this was repeated twice. In the coming days, the car will reach a point called Three forks. There, within 30 days, you will put 10 samples, and another 10 will remain on the board as collateral.

The Courier is not expected to reach Mars until the next decade. It will probably be a lander with small drones on board. Their job will be to collect samples and deliver them to the return vehicle. At the moment, it is not known when the samples will reach Earth and will be thoroughly analyzed on Earth, but there is a possibility that this will happen in about 10 years.

Many scientists believe that it was millions or even billions of years ago The surface of Mars could be inhabited by microbial life. That is why NASA laboratories want to carefully analyze the samples, and then it is very likely that we will discover something unusual in them, which could change our perception of this wonderful planet and be the answer to even the most difficult questions that are now being asked about the flourishing of life in the universe.

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