A Miss Italy finalist receives a heap of insults because of her disability

Despite her disability, Ciara Porti makes it to the finals of the Miss Italy pageant and incites insults on the internet.

A young woman in a dress walks down the catwalk with shiny and bright eyes. She’s just 18 years old – this young lady has come to shake up beauty standards. She is young, beautiful and sunny.

However, once she lifted the hem of her dress, she revealed A synthetic, the audience froze. What lay ahead of them was the first time in such a match. Despite everything, she came third on the podium. This sparked shocking comments from netizens. The boss of the match finished answering.

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Where it all started

Five years before this famous match, the only parade Ciara Bordy had was doctors walking in and out of her hospital room. She was on her bed, staring blankly, her loved ones sitting beside her.

And for good reason? She met with a motorcycle accident. Unfortunately, during his fall, part of his left leg went under the car. She is rushed to the hospital, but the impact leaves the doctors with no choice but to extubate her.

Even after several weeks the situation did not improve. During his nine months in the hospital, he had to undergo three surgeries before his condition really improved. The recovery was very difficult, especially psychologically.

However, she was determined to reincarnate. He could not stop and bend his knees in the face of this temptation, tried as it was. Admittedly, a part of her is no longer there, but she is no less a woman than everyone else. Ciara promised herself one thing: “It takes courage, but I will live. Life is always beautiful. »

She has been doing just that for the past five years. Of course, that was easier said than done. She must learn to think differently and adapt to her new “me”. The road to this acceptance is long and winding – but full of adventures and unlikely encounters.

She tried sports she had never imagined before. She climbed, got her diving license and became a guest at many schools to tell her story. But, above all, he appeared in the limelight by reaching the finals Miss Italy.

Meanwhile, on the Internet

Internet users say they are offended. All the girls who meet the necessary conditions to participate in the beauty pageant can try their luck. Yet, for them, his arrival in the finals was simply based on pity.

“You hate me, go home, people vote for you because you’re disabled”Can you read it on Twitter?

Such tweets are shocking on social media. But very fortunately, the young lady was protected by many fans and the team Miss Italy.

“You really are idiots. Your parents probably didn’t educate you. Such incidents should not happen again,” he said.

DJ Francesco Facinetti, who co-hosted the show, said to the netizens who insulted Ciara.

Instagram photo

The pageant’s host, Patricia Mirgliani, responded that it was “unacceptable to humiliate a young woman who, with great courage and great sacrifices, is trying to make a place for herself in the world, despite the impact of drama.” It is. »

Meanwhile, key stakeholders have managed to keep her quiet in the face of this mass online hate. Anyway, she wanted to send a message of strength and rebirth by entering this competition. However, she said “I feel sorry for you, because I may have lost a leg, but you are losing a brain and a heart. » What more can be said?

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