January 27, 2023


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A microphone thrown by Axl Rose hits a woman in the face and leaves traces

A microphone thrown by Axl Rose hits a woman in the face and leaves traces

Recognized for their electrifying performances, the legendary rock group Guns N’ Roses is still rolling its horns more than 40 years after its formation.

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But recently, one of singer Axl Rose’s signature gestures left an Australian fan with an impression.

Ross, 60, ends all his shows by throwing his microphone into the crowd. But this time, Rebecca Howe got it in the face.

Both eyes are swollen and black, he said in an interview with Australian local media.

“What would have happened if he had fallen a few more inches to the right or to the left? I might have lost my eye,” said the woman, still shaken. “If it had landed in my mouth, I would have lost my teeth!”

She goes so far as to say that if she had gotten a microphone in her temple, she might have died.

Following the fan’s ejection, Axl Rose took to Twitter to say he would no longer end his shows by tossing the mic, while criticizing the media’s coverage of the event as “negative and irresponsible”.

“Unfortunately, there are those who, for their own reasons, choose to focus their journalism in a negative and irresponsible manner, which could not be further from the truth. We hope our audience will understand that.

We’d like to end this speech by reminding you that 30 years of throwing heavy objects at crowds is not good.

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