A math puzzle that only 6% of people solved in 10 seconds

Math puzzle that only 6% of users solved in the allotted time

Today we will introduce you to one of those popular ones. Math puzzlesHowever, 94% of users have problems with this puzzle. Do you belong to this group? Test yourself with our exercise. Take a look below and try to complete the calculations in less than 10 seconds. Ready? Let’s start!

There are 28 students in a particular class. Each student plays at least one of two sports: soccer or basketball. If 18 students play football and 12 play basketball, how many students play both sports?

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Did you manage to solve our puzzle correctly? If so, congratulations! If you couldn’t handle the challenge, nothing happened. After all, only 6% of users can do it in under 10 seconds. Remember that our concentration and mental work are affected by many factors, such as stress or fatigue. Treat this exercise as entertainment. Thank you for joining in on the fun, and below you will find the correct solution.

Number of students who play soccer + Number of students who play basketball – Number of students who play both sports

where x is the number of students who play both sports.

Answer: Both students play both sports.

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