A map of galaxies has been created showing how massive the universe is

The vastness of the universe is best illustrated by images that show distant objects, hundreds of millions or even billions of light years away. Of course, these types of maps also have a scientific basis, because they are used by astronomers to research the structure of the universe or learn about the properties of dark matter and dark energy.

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Register to date The map has become largerwhich is due to the part of the data provided under the DESI program (Dark energy spectroscopic instrument). In total, the project ran for six years, using three telescopes during that time. To analyze the collected data, the scientists used an advanced supercomputer.

Was it worth? Without a doubt. The largest two-dimensional map of the sky in history has been created. It will identify some 40 million vector galaxies for a five-year program to understand dark energy. Those involved in this project have already identified certain things to note and have begun spectroscopy studies.

The new map of the universe covers more than a billion galaxies

At the same time, representatives of the world of science assure that anyone can use this data to study the sky and make discoveries. As Arjun Dey notes, the ease of access has made the survey a major influence on astronomy. Of course, even looking at the night sky is usually enough to realize how vast the space is around us. Thanks to advanced telescopes, we can see that there are billions of galaxies like our own.

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Add to that the fact that the Milky Way may contain as many as 400 billion stars. If even a small part of them form systems similar to ours, in which water can remain in a liquid state, then the chances of extraterrestrial life increase dramatically. Of course, getting access to such objects is a separate matter, since humanity does not yet have the means to reach neighboring stars, let alone other galaxies.

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