A Man Called Otto movie review

Otto Anderson (Tom HanksSix months ago he lost the love of his life – his wife Sonia.Rachel Keller). For this he was forced to retire. This is a very dark period in a man’s life. In addition, he is an introvert who does not like others very much. He lives in a small gated community where he makes sure everyone follows the rules. He is very meticulous about it, which drives some of the neighbors crazy. His orderly life slowly begins to change when Marisol moves across the street (Marianne Trevino(with her husband, Tommy)Manuel Garcia Rulfo) and two daughters. With their helplessness and constant requests for a little help, they force Otto to leave his comfort zone and look at the world a little differently.

A man named Otto Not a comedy. It is a well written drama with some comedic overtones. It tells of old age and death, and how painful they can be. How difficult it is for a partner who is suddenly left alone to come to terms with him. We’ve already seen that in a great series hereafter With Ricky Gervais and it’s the same here. Fortunately, this is a completely different approach to this topic. It’s all thanks to a stellar performance from Tom Hanks, who, despite his constant whining, is a very nice Otto. The viewer gets to know him very quickly and understands his annoyance or sudden outbursts of anger because of the lack of thought of the people around him. The man accurately points out the follies he encounters on a daily basis. He is disturbed by a society that, despite constant technological progress, is beginning to lag behind in development. This is shown beautifully in the scene where an elderly man falls onto the train tracks, and instead of helping him, people first pull out their phones and start broadcasting the event, suddenly turning into idle spectators. It is similar to drivers who, because of the many conveniences found in cars, are completely unable to drive these machines when the systems have stopped working. We don’t know how to fix equipment that doesn’t work, because it’s easy for us to buy something new and throw out old things. We have a problem even with simple things like proper waste segregation. The image of society in Otto’s eyes is disastrous. The problem is that because of his attitude, he also doesn’t see people who act rationally and care about him.

film Mark ForsterFilmmakers like world war z And chris where are youAnd It is a remake of the Swedish production A man named Ove. The director managed to keep the spirit of the original and add something of himself. This story is very universal, works everywhere and appeals to everyone. There is no human being who is not afraid of loneliness. However, Forster weaves this atmosphere in a way that grips the viewer’s heart, sometimes amusing, but not overwhelming its dark character. It didn’t frustrate him or make him depressed, but rather made him think about the state of his social contacts.

Tom Hanks gives us another great role. You can see that this extremely talented actor is also beginning to experiment with his image, looking for scenarios that are challenging and a way to break out of a certain pattern. in Elvis He played the passive and disgusting manager of the King of Rock and Roll. This time he chose a character who is bitter, not nice to people, someone like Walt Kowalski z Gran Torino, and she’s brilliant at it. He is very convincing as Otto. And due to the fact that we don’t get to see him much in this character, he catches the viewer’s attention. There is not an iota of falsehood in his game. We get a full-blooded hero with his problems, demons, and feelings. Hanks also shows that even this stubborn person can be reached if people make a little effort.

A man named Otto He has a great casting. Mariana Trevino, who plays an obstinate neighbor who accepts no refusal, doesn’t cross that fine line of viewer anger. She is very positive in her obsession, which makes it impossible not to love her. It’s the same with Tommy El Gabi, played very well by Manuel García Rulfo. But what I enjoyed most was watching Rachel KellerWhich caught my attention in the series corps. The actress presents Sonya to us in such a way that the viewer immediately understands how great Otto’s loss is. His wife was the whole world to him because she was one of the few who truly understood him, accepted him and even pushed him to act. You didn’t judge him. She never claimed it was any different. Keeler gives the character a certain grace.

David Magee, the man behind it, adapted the script dreamerAnd Hyatt Bay or the next new one Little mermaid. You can see that he understood the spirit of the original work and managed to transfer it perfectly to American soil, without losing the message that Hans Holm wanted to convey to the public. Thanks for this A man named Otto It is a very entertaining show, during which viewers can move, laugh and leave the cinema in a joyful mood. Who knows, maybe a few people will think about their lives and decide to change something. It rarely happens, and it’s usually a wishful thinking of the creators, but who knows. Tom Hanks has shown many times that he can reach even the most demanding viewers. arrived to.

A man named Otto

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