A Madonna biopic starring Julia Garner has been shelved.  The star doesn’t have time to direct a movie?
According to Variety, the Madonna biopic, which the Queen of Pop directed, has disappeared from the slate of projects being developed by Universal Pictures. So far, the matter has not been commented on by representatives of the singer, who will play the main role of Julia Garner, or the label for which it is being produced.

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Julie Garner

Madonna stops work on her resume. what is the reason?

Speculation about a suspension of work on Madonna’s movie biopic surfaced a few days ago, when the star announced that she was going on tour. Although the singer has yet to comment on the matter, sources say that while her priority will undoubtedly be the upcoming tour, she will definitely one day be behind her bio camera.

The project was announced in 2020. Madonna personally worked on the script. She co-wrote the first version with Diablo Cody (“Juno”), and the second with Erin Cressida Wilson (“Secretary”). The movie was supposed to tell about the beginnings of her career and the way she went through to climb to the top of the charts. The story was supposed to end in the early 90s, during the famous Blonde Ambition tour. In June, it was reported that the main role went to the well-known Julia Garner from the TV series “Ozark” and the drama “The Assistant”.

Who is Madonna?

Since her solo debut in 1983, Madonna — widely known as the Queen of Pop — has sold more than 300 million records. And her concert tours, in turn, brought in nearly one and a half billion dollars in revenue. In her work, the singer was not afraid to touch on topics related to politics, religion and sexuality. Her songs, music videos, and changes to her image have generated admiration and controversy.

Madonna has directed two films to date – “Wisdom and Sex” and “WE Royal Affair”. Her acting portfolio includes “Dick Tracy”, “A League of Their Own”, “Die Another Day” and “Evita”. For her role in the last film, the star received an award Golden Globe.

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1990. Madonna during the Blonde Ambition tour wearing Jean Paul Gaultier’s famous corset

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