A Lotto Max winner donated $7 million to the Véro & Louis Foundation

Already, by the time his jackpot was collected, key stakeholders had expressed interest in supporting the foundation with $7 million, which he personally touched for a young member of his family with autism. .

I am interested in everything that is published about autism, I educate myself, read about the event and decided to support the cause.Mr. Lucier’s statements to the media found echoes of the Véro & Louis Foundation.

Therefore, a meeting was organized in the following months at the Maison Véro & Louis in Varennes, in the company of the founders of the organization, Véronique Cloutier and Louis Morissette, and the sponsor of the cause, Guylaine Guay. A group he describes Big family And with whom there was more contact hot.

A former Bloc member of Brossard-La Prairie from 2006 to 2008, Mr. For Lussier, this donation and its consequences carry more weight than his three years of political involvement.

Although we are the opposition, we have struck some important decisions, but I think the impact of the donation will be greater. »

A quote Marcel Lussier, millionaire and philanthropist

The need in the autism field is so great, I hope my donation will encourage others to invest in or give to this organization, because after 18 years, these great kids out there are falling into an empty pit.Adds a multimillionaire who notes that public services are cut off once people with autism reach adulthood.

Two new addresses

The Véro & Louis Foundation announced on Tuesday the creation of two new accommodation resources for autistic adults aged 21 and over, with an already established one in Varennes in Monterrey.

Mr. Lucier’s generous donation and funding from the François Bourgeois Foundation will finance the construction and commissioning of these facilities, which are planned in the Laurentians and Centre-du-Québec, but whose construction start and date have not yet been determined.

A new house will be opened in Lanadier, where Clovis, son of Kyline Quay, can live.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Anne-Louise Despady

The demand for such centers is estimated to increase in the coming years as the prevalence of autism is increasing and adults will be affected.

In the Véro & Louis Foundation’s mission Mr. We are very grateful and touched by Lussier’s trust and encouraged by the partnership with partners such as the François Bourgeois Foundation and CIUSSS des Laurentides and Mauricie. -and-Centre-du-Quebec Our dream of being able to offer Véro & Louis homes throughout Quebec is thanks to this great unity.Véronique Cloutier and Louis Morissette said following Tuesday morning’s announcement.

The François Bourgeois Foundation has been associated with the project since the beginning of the Cloutier-Morissette couple’s philanthropic adventure and will finance the construction of a house in Centre-du-Québec. It’s a project we’ve been developing for a while,” says its general manager Olivier Gamache. This foundation has been around for over 20 years, but our outreach has been over 30 years as family members are part of this clientele.

The organization is working to build a resource in the field in Victoria, where it has already collaborated to set up a respite center and stimulation center for autistic youth in the region. For us, the adult living environment fills a gap in service offering and fits naturally into the continuum of programs the foundation supports.Mr. Gamache adds.

Each resource has between 16 and 20 residents.

In Quebec, 17,000 children between the ages of 1 and 17 are considered autistic.

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