A hundred awards at the SOCAN Gala

A strong evening for 33e Chokan Gala: After a year, more than 100 trophies were presented in an evening held at TOHU on Sunday. Ginette Reno, Bloom Latravers and Paul Picche were among the artists honored for their careers during the ceremony hosted by drag queen Barbados.

Sokan isn’t a gala like any other: winners know they’ll be hugged when they show up. This year, the Copyright Management Association highlights the exceptional paths of three key figures in Quebec songwriting: Blume Latravers receives the Prix Excellence, Paul Biché is inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame and Jeanette Renaud receives the Prix Homage.

Photo by Oliver Jean, The Press

Catherine Durant, Mara Tremblay and Marie-Pierre Arthur surround Prix Excellence winner Bloom Latravers in a musical tribute during the Socon Gala.

The presentation of this distinction will be underscored by singer Jeanique Fournier, winner, at the beginning of the evening. Canadian talentWho will explain A little higher, a little higher, song by Jean-Pierre Ferland. It has been an iconic title since Jeanette Reno wore it on Mount Royal in June 1975.

Photo by Oliver Jean, The Press

Jeanick Fournier, victorious Saguenéenne Canadian talentChosen to perform A little higher, a little higherJeanette Reno’s signature song for the Prix Homage.

The SOCAN Gala is a time for Canadian songwriters and musicians to highlight their careers and achievements. Each year, songs that are played 25,000 times on the radio become SOCAN classics. Autumn music brave cowboys, desire By Daniel Boucher attention By Ariane Moffatt, Because we come from far away By Cornelius, We’re talking about you black silence, Best dream Daniel Belanger and Walk in Toronto This year will be celebrated by Jean Leloup.

This gala was held privately – it’s a bit Party The Office of the Creators of Quebec Music – is also the Office of the Composers of Screen Music. The music for the series was composed by Cristobal Tapia de Veer White lotusand Natalie Bonin are among the creators honored.

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