A huge exoplanet was photographed.  “It could change the way we think about planet formation.”

Why is the Centauri b system so special? It is double and consists of Two stars with a mass 10 times the mass of the Sun. To date, no exoplanets have been discovered in the company of such large giant planets. These are found around stars up to three times the mass of an object in the Solar System.

that it The largest pair of exoplanets identified, which was called Centauri b, and we were even able to take a picture of it. You can see it in the photo below, where the object is marked with an arrow. He found the world huge. Its mass was calculated as 10.9 Jupiter blocksThe distance from the star is a huge 556 AU. to compare Pluto It lies on average about 39 AU from the Sun.

Photo: ESO / Janson et al.

An exoplanet b Centauri b orbiting the star Centauri b

The new design is also interesting because it is very modern. Estimated his age Only 15 million years. By comparison, the Sun is about 4.6 billion years old. Scientists already leave no doubt that Centauri b could change the way we think about planet formation.

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