A great novelty in Google Maps.  The immersive show takes them to a new level

Using the power of artificial intelligence and the billions of photos shared by users, Google has developed a mechanism it calls “global rendering”. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it allows you to look at many objects and places in a realistic way and from a bird’s eye view.

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While showcasing the possibilities of new technology, the immersive presentation was in a . format Google Maps They look amazing. Thanks to it, we can explore the world in a better way than before and better prepare for real trips to unknown territories.

Anyone can see the Russian military bases and Putin’s hideout. Google revealed its location for two reasons

Imagine that you want to visit London. Thanks to Immersive View, you can evaluate the best views before you arrive, and while navigating in a 3D virtual space, you can also find interesting places to spend the evening, have a meal, etc.

The space in Immersive View is interactive, you can fly up, rotate, but also dive into the streets to see the details. In addition, an information layer from Google Maps is applied to it, which makes it easier to recognize the view of the buildings.

One day, Warsaw will appear in full view. We’ll get there by the ecological path

It is not the end. The immersive view is equipped with a special slider that allows you to see the same places from a bird’s eye view at different times of the day. Have you ever looked down the streets of San Francisco at sunset? Thanks to the immersive display, it will be possible to do this from a bird’s eye view.

The new Google Maps feature should work on any smartphone and in any updated version a map. The first cities depicted in this way are: Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Tokyo.

But don’t worry, more will come for them, and the Polish capitals will come one day. immersive show in Google Maps It will gradually appear in the summer of 2022 on the phones of users in other geographical regions of the world.

In addition, other news will appear in Google Maps. The function of determining ecological paths is very popular, because it allows you to save fuel and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Apparently, the app’s users have already traveled over 138 billion this way kilometers, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by half a million metric tons. The possibility of identifying ecological routes will appear in other cities, especially European ones.

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