A firm position of Germany on the reconstruction of Ukraine.  They don't want to get into debt

According to the German minister, EU Reconstruction Fund Funded by joint debt founded in “unique case”, Moreover, “not used yet”.

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He added that W The German government “does not support” a similar solution for Ukraine It leans on the classic methods of third country support, based on EU budget funds.

I remember that European Commission He proposed the creation of a joint financial facility for Ukraine in mid-May, arguing that it was already possible to “build on the experience gained by the European Union” in building the reconstruction plan. All the so-called economic countries of the union, such as the Netherlands, Denmark, Austria and Sweden – reminds AFP.

This does not mean that there will be no help. The G7 finance ministers decided on Friday to support Ukraine with additional short-term budget support in the amount of 9.5 billion US dollars, German news agency dpa reported. From the beginning of the year, as part of the G7 uA total of $19.8 billion can be provided for financial assistance to Ukraine. These funds are intended to help maintain essential government activities in the country under attack by Russia and close the financial gap. Ukraine needs money, including. To pay the pensions and salaries of state employees.

The International Monetary Fund estimates that Ukraine needs $5 billion a month to pay salaries, pensions and the economy in general, or $15 billion over three months.



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