A favorite photo of Prince William’s mother has revealed a symbolic photo after 27 years

An exhibition opens its doors in London, bringing together the most iconic photographs Lady Diana. On this occasion, he revealed that he was the photographer who followed Prince William’s mother around the world Favorite photo One that will remain in the hearts of many Britons. And the photo in question was taken a few months before his disappearance.

It is a Tribute An exceptional one dedicated to someone who celebrated his 63rd birthday this year. From Saturday 25 May to Monday 2 September, visitors will flock to enjoy London’s Dockside Waltz. Exhibition title Princess Diana: Authorized Access. They can find work Anwar Hussain He is now 86 years old and has taken numerous photographs with Lady Diana and her family.

This photographer’s son reveals his favorite photo of Lady Diana

The photographer’s son, Sheikh Hussain, answered questions posed by the newspaper the sun. He specifically revealed what it was Photograph A favorite of William and Harry’s mother. It is actually a photo in which she appears with a handle baby Suffering from cancer. This scene was captured on film when he went to Taniyar Pakistan In 1996.

“I remember my father taking this photo very well. She visited Hospital Special Cancer He met all the children including this boy. », said Sheikh Hussain. Before proceeding: “My father remembers how comfortable and comforting the boy was tears In Diana’s eyes while taking photos. »

This photo is symbolic of Lady Diana’s actions

“Then Diana said to my father, ‘Of all the photos you’ve taken, this one could be mine liked‘. », the photographer’s son continued. Cliché is definitely one of the most Representative of Lady Diana. The young lady is actually known for her humanitarian activities. She took advantage of her fame Reasons Close to his heart and supporter of numerous charities.

Another photo also reveals the way she was so passionate Unfavorable. In 1991, Anwar Hussain immortalized this encounter during a trip to India. A princess in a cream dress Kneels down To shake the hand of an untouchable woman. This is caste Considered to be the lowest in the system governing the social life of the former British colony.

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