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Twelve years after its release The brightest star, Jane Campion is back in cinema. With The power of the dog, His eagerly awaited new film adapted from the novel of the same title by the famous New Zealand filmmaker Thomas Savage, has signed on to a masterpiece Western film to rank as one of the best films of this year.

Montana, 1920s. The two brothers have to live together to manage their family farm with completely opposite roles. On the one hand, Bill (Benedict Cumberbatch), a cruel and arrogant cowboy, despises women and does not hesitate to be disgusting to the weak. On the other hand, there is George (Jesse Flemens), who is delighted to see the modernity of the 20s.e The century goes beyond the boundaries of big cities.

So far, the two brothers are relatively well acquainted, despite having different worldviews. But on the day George Phil announces that he is married to a widowed restaurant owner named Rose (Kirsten Dunst) their relationship will be much more complicated. Believing that Rose is only interested in her brother and her family’s money, Bill decides to make life difficult for her and her son Peter.

Toxic masculinity

Filmed in the majestic setting of her native New Zealand, Jane Campion presents a luxurious and intricate Western scene. All in all, director Piano lesson Explores toxic masculinity and vigor in a beautifully structured story with dramatic tension.

The scenery is breathtakingly beautiful and the music track composed by Johnny Greenwood (Radiohead) emphasizes the film’s repressive climate. Jane Campion was happy to select her cast and they all give excellent performances. Benedict Cumberbatch special note, wondering at the skin of the dark and annoying antihero.

Despite that The power of the dog Landing on Netflix in two weeks, we strongly recommend that moviegoers watch the big screen and be able to appreciate the work in all its splendor.

  • The power of the dog ★★★★1/2

Image by Jane Campion

Benedict Cumberbatch, with Jesse Flemens. Kirsten Dunst and Cody Schmidt-McPhee. Watch on Cinéma Moderne from Wednesday and on Netflix from 1There is December

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