February 2, 2023


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A fan of Nicolas Cage??  Create hyper-realistic masks for an actor for sale

A fan of Nicolas Cage?? Create hyper-realistic masks for an actor for sale

Have you ever thought about looking like Nicolas Cage? If so, then there is a chance that this dream will come true. According to the gate gobloAnd A lucky few can buy a realistic limited Nicolas Cage mask, which is based on his appearance in the movie mandy.

Its creator is artist Rubber Larry, who professionally makes masks for films. In the description of the auction published on the site M . Corps, the tool creation process is presented:

Each mask was handcrafted by Larry, who meticulously recreated Nicolas Cage’s look from photos and movie frames. Inspected cast from high quality latex rubber masks, which are thick yet soft and comfortable, trimmed, primed, painted and sealed with silicone rubber for realism, durability and longevity. […] With each mask, the greatest attention was paid to details, from the shade of the skin, through the blood on it, to the carefully arranged, styled and scissored hair.

The mask comes with a themed base, also made of Larry rubber. As stated in the announcement, only thirty of these masks will be produced. Ten of them are ready to ship. Having found buyers, the remaining twenty can be pre-ordered.

How much would you have to pay to get a Nicolas Cage mask? The price is high, amounting to 1999 US dollars (approximately 8000 PLN excluding VAT).

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