A famous singer adopted a kitten from a shelter in Krakow. His name is… Al Fadil – Al Khabar

He scratched the glass and begged for a beautiful new life – write to the staff of the Krakow Homeless Animal Shelter about the Worshipful cat adopted by Vicki Gabor.

Vicki Gabor is a singer primarily known for being a finalist of the second edition of TVP show “The Voice Kids” and Junior Eurovision winner in 2019. The singer, born in 2007, lives in Krakow, but recently there has been a lot of talk about a serious incident that occurred with her and her father in Warsaw.

As national media reported, after Dariush Gabor tried to avoid traffic by crossing the solid line, an altercation broke out with another driver. Vika Gabor’s father was taken to the hospital, and the singer to the ophthalmology clinic, because the driver he met on the road used pepper spray. Warsaw police are handling the case.

Everything indicates that the singer is feeling better. The Krakow Homeless Animal Shelter just shared a photo Vicki Gabor holds a recently adopted kitten.

“The gentleman scratched the glass and begged, without taking his eyes off Vika, for a beautiful new life!” – We can read in KTOZ profile.

And further: “We are so grateful and happy! We are convinced that there are many special days ahead of you, and Brother Garfield will love this honorable man as a brother.

In the comments There is no shortage of praise. “Bravo for the adoption. Another courage to adopt beets, they lose to other coat colors, “A wonderful situation in times when celebrities buy everything from purebreds”, “I respect this influence” – write netizens.

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