A drone has successfully detected a stowaway on the surface of Mars.  Something stuck in his leg

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NASA has released a record of the landing of the Perserverance spacecraft

The Mars probe has repeatedly found mysterious objects on Mars that turned out to be the remains of the elements needed to land on the planet. He found, among other things, a piece of metal foil covering the rocket platform that landed the rover on Mars in February 2021. He also found a stowaway – a small boulder stuck in the car’s wheel for several weeks.

The drone caught by a fugitive surreptitiously

A similar discovery has now been shared by representatives of the US Aeronautics and Outer Space Agency (NASA). But this time, it’s about the smart drone – combined with persistence, he’s been exploring the surface of Mars for more than a year. In the video of the successful 33rd helicopter flight, a UFO was discovered stuck to one of the legs of the drone and taken into the air with it.

You have something at the foot of the #MarsHelicopter! We’re looking at the wreckage that ended up on Ingenuity’s leg during the last flight. As seen in the GIF, [obiekt – red.] It eventually fell and did not affect the success of Flight 33

NASA’s JPL Research Center wrote on Twitter.

I figured NASAThat the mysterious object accompanied the drone for about half airline. The sensor data showed that it did not affect the operation of the drone in any way, nor did it damage it. Researchers do not report what the object is. It is likely that a piece of material used for landing in February 2021 was blown to this place by the wind.

A massive success for the drone. He proved that helicopters can fly over Mars

Dexterity landed on Mars attached to the chassis of the persistent rover. After making the necessary measurements, the drone was detached, and in mid-April 2021, the first flight of a small helicopter was announced.

Thus creativity fulfilled its main task – prove it flights Helicopters are possible not only on Earth but also on Mars. Scientists assumed, taking into account the red planet’s extremely rarefied atmosphere and different gravitational forces, that flights would be possible, but they weren’t sure until April of last year. Creativity is the first (and only) vehicle in history to be launched into the air (using an elevator) on a planet other than Earth. Some people have compared this event to the first attempt made by the Wright brothers in 1903.

NASA has planned at least one successful drone flight. It was assumed that in the optimistic scenario, the drone would allow several or dozens of flights to Mars. But the helicopter’s success exceeded all expectations. Creativity has been flying regularly for over 1.5 years and is doing a great job. So NASA plans to use it for as long as possible.

The agency is also considering creating more, and this time more advanced machines of this type, which in the future could become the “eyes” of roving vehicles. the new A generation or even astronauts will land on Mars in the next decade.

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