A dangerous shark in the Baltic Sea.  We know where to find it

The most dangerous sharks are species such as the great white shark, the tiger shark, the bullhead shark, and the whitetip shark. But we certainly will not meet them in the Baltic Sea. The obstacle for this fish is the low level of salinity in our sea – seven per thousand. Most sharks prefer high salinity.

However, three species of sharks can be found in the Baltic Sea. Two of them are very small – the dog shark (usually about a meter long), and the other – the common dogfish (usually about one and a half meters long). It does not pose a danger to humans.

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The third type, which can reach three meters in length, can be dangerous. This is a llama herring, also called a porbeagle.

No attacks of this fish on humans have been recorded so far. It is known that its regular menu mainly includes herring.

Sharks in the Baltic Sea. Where do these fish appear?

The low level of salinity in Polish waters in the Baltic Sea poses an obstacle to sharks that prefer saltier waters. “This is also the case around the Danish Fjords, where the mentioned species are regular visitors” – confirms radiozet.pl.

According to data from Sharks.org. The last shark attack on a human on the Baltic Sea coast occurred in 1755 in Sweden. However, the species responsible for this attack has not been identified. It is worth noting that when dealing with sharks, like all wild animals, you should be especially careful.

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