Dozens of full cyclists gathered in Dorchester Square in Montreal at 1pm on Saturday, which was the starting point of a cycling demonstration that sought to criticize the reliance on fossil fuels, among other things.

The cycling event, Cyclo nu International de Montreal, traversed several areas of the city in a ten-kilometer journey that was three times as long, the event manager immediately pointed out, Jean Dare.

“First of all, this event is considered a struggle against the reliance on fossil fuels,” explained Jean Dare, who has been organizing the curriculum in Montreal for four years now. Also known as Cyclo Nu International World naked bike ride, Takes place annually in more than 20 countries around the world and was launched in the early 2000s.

A cyclo-nude demonstration in Montreal

Gabriel Peachmin / 24hrs / QM Agency

“All bodies are beautiful”

“Then, it’s an event that seeks to encourage the acceptance of all bodies and the denial of” body shaming. “The person in charge of the Toronto edition continued. All bodies are different, all bodies are beautiful.

Although the event was supposed to be nude, no pressure was put on cyclists. Anyone can dress up and participate.

“Finally, we want to put pressure on cities to make cycling safer by creating more cycle paths, for example,” stressed the 61-year-old environmental activist and web designer. Send a message and ask motorists We are naked on bicycles: “Do you see me now?” They can see us with clothes too. In Toronto, as in Montreal, cyclists are constantly attacked by motorists. ”

The two who attended the event were Jade Sambrook and Paul Davidson.

Gabriel Peachmin / 24hrs / QM Agency

The two who attended the event were Jade Sambrook and Paul Davidson.

Ambient festival

The good mood was at the meeting in Dorchester Square and most of the participants, mostly men, were completely naked or only wearing underwear. The Montrealists who passed by saw them as incredible and fun. Cyclists of all ages too.

“I’m here to protest against automobile worship and to remind people of the importance of reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” said Lionel Collier, 61, of Pixie. I am also in favor of increasing the safety of cycle paths and cyclists. Roads belong not only to cars, but also to cyclists and pedestrians. ”

Jean Dare, Organizer of Cyclo Nu International de Montreal.

Gabriel Peachmin / 24hrs / QM Agency

Jean Dare, Organizer of Cyclo Nu International de Montreal.

For the safety of cyclists

It is important that Jade Sambrook and Paul Davidson attend today’s event.

“Cyclists, we are not often seen. Motorists will not always respect us. So this is the way it is when you look naked, “Jade Sambrook explained.” Often people read the news from the public, who ‘ah, but children, they are going to see naked human bodies! ”, He stressed. But there has never been a child who was shocked to see a naked human body. The truth is, for me, all the cars passing by on the street are now polluted. Our kids breathe it. It is more dangerous and more serious to me than a naked human body. “

Police surveillance was maintained throughout the trip. A second cycling event is also scheduled for Saturday at 8 p.m. This route will be similar to the one arranged in the early afternoon.

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