A Creative Drone has taken some amazing pictures of Mars.  You can see the parachute he has landed under

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NASA has released a record of the landing of the Perserverance spacecraft

The Ingenuity drone, which arrived at Mars with the Perseverance rover on February 18, 2021, has been a huge success. Not only did it allow it to take off in the (extremely thin) Martian air, it proved that it was indeed possible to fly on Mars with a winch. For a year now, it’s also been providing hundreds of stunning images taken from a perspective from which the Red Planet was not previously observed.

NASA has found a parachute on Mars. Ingenuity took a picture from the air

Engineers now NASA They were aiming to find a parachute on Mars and other items that would help the persistent rover with an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) land safely on the planet’s surface. As a reminder, the rover landed using a parachute, and only at the last stage was used a special missile platform from which it was lowered to the surface.

These items were found and photographed during the 26th. Flight Creativity, held on April 19. It lasted 159 seconds and allowed ten color photos to be taken from eight meters above the planet’s surface. Both the mission’s date and choice were no coincidence – the photos were taken exactly one year after the first flight of the drone to Mars.

The images show a nearby canopy and cover protecting the rover in deep space and during landing on the surface of Jezero crater on Mars. NASA asserts that the images allowed an estimate of the state of the elements.

According to agency engineers, it appears that the cover has not been damaged over time FlightAnd only when colliding with the surface of the planet. The shield hit Mars with a speed of 126 how much/ Hello torn, covering the area with debris. Furthermore, many of the 80 lines holding the parachute seemed to be intact. However, additional image analyzes are still required to confirm this. The canopy has been covered in a large layer of Martian dust for a year.

Creativity turned out to be a huge success

NASA initially planned to implement at least one, and in the most optimistic scenario, several flights Drones versatility. Meanwhile, the efficiency of the small helicopter exceeded the expectations of engineers.

Brilliance has so far made 26 flights, spent 49 minutes in the air and covered a distance of 6.2 kilometers. He also not only plays the role of a guinea pig, but also helps in planning the next perseverance missions. NASA is already preparing for Creativity Flight 27, which will help engineers assess the region ahead of the Mars Sample Return mission, which will bring Mars samples collected by the rover back to Earth.

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