a.  Cossacks about the quality of the human immune system

In an interview with PAP, the expert noted that we will emerge from the COVID-19 epidemic as a mentally damaged society, and this aspect is of great importance for immunity.

Diet and physical activity

An expert in immunology and physiology with many years of experience has confirmed that there is a whole range of behaviors that protect the immune system (immunology).

“It’s under attack all year round and has to do its job all the time. It’s a distracted seventh sense that recognizes foreign structures that want to invade our bodies. Many succeed and want stability, and the immune system must rule them out and destroy them. In fact, a panacea to make it as effective as possible. , but in a nutshell, it must be said that it is about a healthy life ”- emphasized the professor. Cossacks.

As a process that takes place in our bodies, fever research specialists called physical activity adjusted for strength and age primarily. It is not meant to be beyond our means, but in a way tailored to our needs and capabilities, and above all, it should be regular.

“The immune system depends on the genetic makeup that we receive from our ancestors in about 25 percent. The rest, or 75 percent, depends on us and our lifestyle. A proper diet and proper nutrition are of great importance. It cannot be a mono-system, because man is an eater. Meat. We must remember this and provide the body with a variety of substances “- said the professor. Cossacks.

Fever is good for infection

The fever expert admitted that many people still do not understand that it is good for the body at the time of infection, because it is then a training of the immune system. In the fight against pathogens, fever allows you to use all the capabilities of the immune system.

In his opinion, when the fever does not occur in typical infections, it means that this system has been exhausted due to some element.

“Often, the missing component is the lack of production of pyrogenic cytokines. They alert the whole body that it is in a sick state. There are some hypotheses that say that people without fever are those who over the years have suppressed fever very quickly by means of medications, And the fever in such people disappears by inhibiting the synthesis of pyrogenic cytokines, and in this way, the immune system is damaged ”- he added.

COVID-19 and Immunity

He was asked about the long-term effects of the epidemic COVID-19 For people’s resilience, he noted, we, as a society, will likely struggle with many problems in this area for many years to come.

“There is a debate about this in the scientific community. The immune system reacts to the emergence of the coronavirus in a very hysterical and unrestrained way. Then the + robot + starts destroying other systems. There is a so-called cytokine storm, which is a very dangerous phenomenon. Mitigation through antibody antibodies. Cytokine Cytokine analysis is very important for COVID-19, but it is a very expensive process and not as cheap as virus antibody analysis.We have a whole range of different compounds that can be used (…) After exposure to COVID-19, some systems regenerate very quickly, And there are systems such as the nervous system that regenerate very slowly, “- he emphasized.

In his opinion, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, we are a deprived society, because many people have died from this disease, and many will be mentally damaged.

“The mental sphere is of great importance for our immune system. The conversation between the brain and the immune system continues. The mental position of the patient is extremely important for the process of fighting the disease, but also preventing its progression” – the expert added.

He admitted that he understands many people’s concerns about vaccination against COVID-19, but in all his authority he would like to plead not to be afraid of mRNA vaccines.

“I understand that people are afraid of novelties, which only enter the bloodstream, of medicines. MRNA vaccines do not affect the state of the immune system. Do not be afraid of this, because such a process does not happen. It does. It does not change our genes. The task is Training our immune system so that antibodies are formed. Then, upon + meeting + pathogen, they somehow activate and deactivate the uninvited guest, which in this case is a virus. Vaccines are one of the most important and important achievements of medicine “- said the expert.

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