December 8, 2022


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A cleaner has been arrested by the Swedish Prime Minister

A cleaner has been arrested by the Swedish Prime Minister

Police received a report of a break-in at the government house in Nacka, near Stockholm, on December 21 last year. at 14.35. At that time, the head of government reported the extension of the epidemiological restrictions at a press conference.

In the spring of 2020, the janitor received a decision to expel from Sweden from the Immigration Office. However, the deportation was not carried out, the woman was in hiding, and since last fall she has been in hiding. She was wanted by the police. In the fall of 2020, an immigrant woman was sentenced on probation for theft at an Ahlens store in central Stockholm.

And Prime Minister’s press secretary Anderson “Express” declined to comment on the incident. The opposition criticized the event. “Everyone who works for the prime minister should be watched,” said Liberal MP Johann Persson.

Security expert Johan Wiktoren tweeted: “How can an illegal resident be allowed to clean up in the Prime Minister’s house? And this is a Nicaraguan woman who has good relations with Russia?” – Requests:

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