A change in the way capacity charges are calculated will affect all of us

The provisions of the amendment of the law on the capacity market on July 23, 2021 shall enter into force. Expands the pool of fixed-rate customers who will pay a flat fee for capacity – reminding the Bureau of Energy Regulation.

  • The amount we pay as part of the energy fee depends on our energy demand balance
  • These changes will take effect in 2028. Until then, there is a transition period
  • The new regulations also introduce the possibility of secondary trading in capacity commitment
  • More such information can be found on the home page of Onet.pl

The amendment introduces – as confirmed by the ERO – a model in which the amount of energy charges for all energy consumers, including households, is set from January 1, 2028 It will depend on the individual consumption curve, that is, the difference between energy consumption in peak hours and consumption in the remaining hours of the day.

According to the bureau, such a solution is to encourage energy consumers to consciously consume electricity throughout the day, and thus may improve the energy demand balance, which in turn will increase the security of energy supply.

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