February 4, 2023


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A blow to Wisła Kraków!  The League Committee was cruel

A blow to Wisła Kraków! The League Committee was cruel

Monday’s meeting with Wisla Bock was very exciting, and Luis Fernandez did not keep his nerves in check. Immediately after the final whistle, Wiswa striker He ran up to Damian Michalsky and hit him on the head from the back.

After this incident, it was known that the player would be stopped, but The club was still trying to salvage the situation. “Luis Fernandez apologized to Damien Michalski for the incident after the match. The Oilers player considered the topic closed, and the “White Star” striker announced a donation of a fixed amount to charity, which is the treatment of little Anto. – He informed the club.

Didn’t do much, because Fernandez on Thursday He has been suspended for four games which means he will not play until the end of the season. In this way, it may turn out that Monday’s match was … the Spaniard’s last match in Wissoa, as Fernandez had until the end of June 2022.

The League Committee also punished Jacob Błaszczykowski, who During the first half he attacked the referees and after the match he mocked their decisions. Błaszczykowski received a fine of 5,000 PLN, suspended for 6 months.

Vistula She was also punished for setting off fireworks in the stands. The club will have to pay 15,000 PLN for this.

In contrast, for two Carol Pedrzeki, Physiotherapist suspendedWho gets a red card at the end of the match.

All this isn’t the only bad news for FISA ahead of Sunday’s derby, because the team He also had big problems with the staff.

Krakow – Wisła Kraków meeting on Sunday at 17.30. Broadcast on Canal + Sport, report on Sport.Interia.pl.