A bit of a lame campaign

It is no disrespect to François Legault to point out that he led a somewhat lame campaign.

His re-election was assured, and it still is. But we are already wondering what his next tenure is for.

His campaign slogan ultimately says, “Let’s move on.” But what shall we continue?

What goals does he set?


A few weeks ago, François Legault asked for a strong mandate to demand new powers from Ottawa on immigration.

But we learned yesterday that he has not made it a priority. Even worse: Finding this “soft” question (When has it been tricky to claim powers in Ottawa?), he decided to no longer put it at the center of his plan.

During the campaign, he made a few bold statements about immigration, but he quickly backtracked as if apologizing for challenging the monotony surrounding the issue.

For a few days he fell back on the “economy”. Of course. But in doing so, he significantly narrows his historical horizon.

François Legault is certainly the Prime Minister with the greatest political gains of the last thirty years. He can do great things.

He now loses himself in managing day-to-day life and has no joint project beyond the third link, which, of course, is becoming a national obsession.

So what do we do next? Can we continue to demand our powers from Ottawa while saying no? Do we continue to maintain the immigration limits that anglicize Montreal and Laval?

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Can you continue?

Francois Legault had a good first term and Quebeckers are grateful.

But I don’t understand him asking us to continue. If the trot doesn’t continue, if Quebec doesn’t act properly, reject, demonetize, disapprove of it and disappear.

He needs a good opposition Challenger. It remains to be seen which Quebeckers will give it to him.

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