A big sun of January 19: Hoss is the victim again!  (Preliminary Summary Episode 1069)

So Big Sun 19th January Episode 1069 Synopsis Spoiler Ahead – What awaits you tomorrow in the next episode of your daily series “So Big Sun” ? If you are interested in learning more, now is the time. We invite you now to find out what will happen in the Thursday January 19, 2023 episode.


Spoiler alert, don’t read if you don’t want to know.

Christoph hangs up Cecile’s necklace. He’s been apologizing again for the past few weeks and what he did to her. Cecil wants them to move on.

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Eve and Dimitri are happy that their first case is closed. Sandra calls Dimitri a know-it-all and calls him a badass! Sandra sends him packing, Dimitri regrets it, and tells him he doesn’t have to learn it. Dimitri is in shock and having trouble taking it… Eve tries to cheer him up.


Guilhem, Johanna, Claudine and Margaux organize their evening to recruit new customers. Claudine’s lawyer called Bernier, who accepted.

Becker and Manu call Judge Laplace to talk about the clock. Manu explains to her that this proves that Raphael didn’t steal the watch, so there was no ulterior motive. But he is adamant and refuses to reopen the investigation… Manu is on his side. At the office, Kristoff finds Ziggy’s necklace. Charles tells him about the criminal behind bars, but Christoph tells him about the doctor’s suspicions.

Margaux Cécile calls who is the best. Marcaux still discovers that Christophe is eccentric. But if Cecil is happy, that’s all that matters. Meanwhile, Kristoff explains to Charles that he followed Hose. Charles doesn’t understand… but he thinks it’s unfair for an innocent woman to be in prison.

Guillaume comes to see Sandra, but she doesn’t want to talk to him anymore. She couldn’t believe she had paid someone to spy on her. She tells him that he needs to get therapy and that he messed everything up. Guillaume is in tears and he calls Eve to come see him. Eve thinks that telling him the truth is a bad idea.

Noémie and Akim meet again. Nomi tells her that Ludo has agreed to be her partner. He asked for his presence at the zoo for a year. Claudine calls Eve and tells her about the evening organized by her company. But Eve did not want to take it, and she did not mention her action to her companion. And she tells him about Dimitri having trouble accepting Sandra’s invitation.

Claudine tastes the appetizers at Les Savages with Enzo, who makes the mistake of saying it was Sabine who told Florent and Johanna about her ex-partner… Christophe, Cecile and Achill shop for the wedding. Kristoff is distraught when he sees a dog that looks just like Ziggy.

Hoss watches the dog trainer ride away. He rushes towards her with his car! The man stands on the ground on the road…

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