A big change is coming soon to Google Chrome.  You will definitely appreciate it

We do not always have enough time to read the article of interest to us from cover to cover. All because of the daily rush and the need to perform many other tasks that cannot be postponed until the last minute. What if the browser reads it to us?

Read Aloud is coming soon to Chrome

According to many mobile industry experts, the solution implemented by Microsoft, i.e. read aloud, is the closest to perfection. Since EDGE also uses the Chromium engine, the same engine that powers the browser created by Google, why not implement similar functionality there as well?

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These types of tools, currently available for Chrome, either as plug-ins or a custom mode available after text selection, don't come close to reading articles in as comprehensive a way as the solution available in EDGE. Firefox and Opera also don't offer such comprehensive options in their desktop applications.

Google Chrome can offer a good solution like EDGE

The beta version of the tool was called Listen to this page. After clicking on it, we will activate the mini player on the selected subpage, where you will be able to quickly navigate the timeline, similar to the one that older users might associate with, for example, a media player.

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Just like on YouTube, you'll also be able to change the speed of the audio being played. At the moment, it is not known when the solution will appear in the stable version of Chrome, but it is very likely that people using the beta or beta version of the browser will be able to test this solution in practice soon.

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