A barrage of goals and a barrage of tears.  Summary of European League and Conference League matches

Massacre of the Innocents and lullabies for children. The differences between subsequent matches in the Europa League and Conference League were significant. Marseille clearly benefited from the change of coach, as it was able to beat Villarreal 4-0. Benfica coach Roger Schmidt should start getting nervous, because matches like the one against Rangers have no right to go ahead. Finally, the matches in which Poles participate. It is unlikely that Sebastian Szymanski and Tomas Kedziora will return home in the same mood. We invite you to watch the summary of the Europa League and Conference League matches, which started at 21:00.

The first is the match between Royal Saint-Union Guilloise and Fenerbahce. The host team from Belgium had no chance on paper. But this does not mean that the visitors have passed this confrontation. of course not.

The truth is that Michy Batshuayi's early goal fell like manna from heaven on the Turks. Because the match was equal. Very boring, sure, but the Belgians have an excuse. No one asks you how you play when you have to do everything to win.

However, courage was not enough, because the score 0:3 ultimately indicated the winner of Fenerbahce. Sebastian Szymanski did not perform well in the match. The Polish player has been absent from the Turkish league for a long time, which is in strong contrast to the beginning of the season. The midfielder was then under consideration for a major foreign transfer. At the same time, it appears that he still needs to establish himself in world football. He didn't play badly, but it's hard to find reasons to praise him. In the end, he and his colleagues are happy with their victory.

Kędziora is helpless in the face of his teammates' mistakes

PAOK's Tomasz Kędziora will probably want to forget about the rivalry with Dinamo Zagreb as soon as possible. Losing 2-0 was the minimum penalty. But there is no point in hanging dogs on cannons. It was individual mistakes by his teammates that spoiled the game for the Greeks. A clear mind and moderate optimism can do wonders in a rematch.

Unless Bruno Petkovic continues this fantastic form. The Croatian was an absolute monster. He did what he wanted, not only with the ball, but also with the opposition defenders. Pure, physical and genetic dominance. This translated into tangible benefits for his team: he scored two goals.

Benfica is like a failed Valentine's Day

Benfica had a honeymoon last season. Her new love with Roger Schmidt was great to watch. The German had created a monster, something bold, that could fight on any front and with anyone. But the longer this relationship goes on, the worse it becomes for all parties involved.

Roger Schmidt's insane pressure is missing. Now there is madness and pressure, but they work separately. Players try to make tactical assumptions, but at the same time they look completely lost, as if they have no idea what their actual roles are on the pitch once they are in possession of the ball. Today was enough to draw with Rangers.

Roger Schmidt is a professional. He should get a chance at another club of Benfica's caliber, perhaps aiming to join a team like Chelsea. He shouldn't be continuing his career in Lisbon, period.

Villarreal's biggest competitor? Villarreal

Someone changed Villarreal between seasons. He came at night and kidnapped all the players and the entire management and replaced them with straw dolls. There is no other way to explain what is happening to the Spaniards. We understand that we have a match every now and then. But the yellow submarine sank and had no intention of returning to the surface.

We have praised this club many times for its excellent organization and excellent quality. But it can't be done anymore. Villarreal lost all its advantages. Now he gets into the ring with Olympique de Marseille, double guard, gets hit to the solar plexus, gets a machete, then throws in the towel in a boxing match. The French have their problems too. Maybe it can be compared to Spanish. They scored three goals in the first half. He walked.

In all, it's two, because the third was a suicide. A perfect summary of the visiting team's situation – no one can outdo them like they do.

All results of the 1/8 Europa League final matches at 9:00 pm

Benfica – Rangers 2:2 (1:2)

a. Di Maria 45+2' (k), K. Goldson 67' (SAM) – T. Lawrence 7', D. Sterling 45+5'

Milan – Slavia Braga 4:2 (3:1)

Giroud 34', T. Reynders 44', R. Loftus-Cheek 45+1', K. Pulisic 85', D. Dodera 36', E. Schranz 65'

Olympique Marseille – Villarreal 4-0 (3-0)

J Virtu 23, J. Mosquera 28, B. Aubameyang 42, 59

SC Freiburg – West Ham United 1:0 (0:0)

M. Gregoric 81′

All results of the 1/8 Finals of the Conference League at 9:00 p.m

Dinamo Zagreb – PAOK Athens 2-0 (1-0)

with me. Petkovic 37′, 71′

Maccabi Haifa – Fiorentina 3:4 (2:1)

Down 2, l. Beltran 58, A. Khalili 67, A. Sec 12, c. Kinda 29, t. Mandragora 73, A. Barak 90+5.

Royal Union Saint-Geloise – Fenerbahce 0:3 (0:1)

M. Batshuayi 20', J. Osterwald 84', D. Tadic 90+4' (k).

Servite – Viktoria Plzeň 0-0

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