A 100-ton "beast" digs a hole 18 meters deep

It weighs more than a hundred tons, and the bucket itself being dug in the excavations is 17 tons and is immersed in the ground to a depth of 18 meters. As part of the “Amazing Machines” series, today we present a machine for sinking membrane walls, which one of our readers came across at a construction site Apartments Right on the beach in Bresno He called it “the beast”.

Indeed, the first impression that a huge excavator makes on passers-by, because this is what this specialized machine is called, is the electric one.

It appears inconspicuous when it works in the ground. When he gets out of it – it is hard for outsiders to believe that he can “dive” in it to a depth of 18 meters (the maximum possible depth is up to 40-50 miles per minute).

– The machine we use at the apartment building site in Brzeźno is a membrane wall dredger. It is one of the most modern machines of this type in the world. It is not only “young”, very environmentally friendly, does not cause vibrations, and its use saves time and reduces construction costs to a minimum – says Bartomeg Welkconstruction manager of Keller Polska.

The above-mentioned estate is being built in the first line of buildings on the beach side, on a triangular plot of land at ul. Break in Brzeźno. Ultimately, in 2024, more than 70 high-level apartments will be used there, along with a two-story underground car park.

The machine has already drilled 30 holes

The 4-storey building will be 12 meters high and its height will be adjusted to match other buildings in the immediate vicinity. The investor is NDI Development and the contractor – NDI SA will start selling apartments in June.

The monster machine on the construction site is slowly completing its mission. In recent weeks, I have been bored by more than 30 sections in which steel reinforcement baskets are then placed, which will be poured with concrete. Then all the sections will be connected to each other to form a ‘bathtub’ where there will be an underground car park.

In order to proceed with the construction as efficiently, safely and as possible without disturbing the local people, the contractor decided to carry out these works with a bulldozer with a dog rope attached to it. Only the latter weighs – a trifle – 17 tons. The weight of the armed machine is more than 100 tons!

– The bucket extracts the tailings from the bottom and the trench is kept from collapsing by slurry installed in the form of thixotropic liquids or polymer suspensions – he adds Gerzegorz BasicProject Director of the National Democratic Institute.

The machine is full of electronics

The machine itself not only looks amazing from the outside, but also from the inside. It is equipped with LiDAT software that allows you to monitor in real time all operating parameters, including location thanks to GPS transmitters, current fuel consumption, working time in individual modes, allowing analysis and optimization of machine operation.

The software allows the operator to continuously monitor the condition of the machine thanks to the display of all data on the screen in the cabin. The main parameter displayed on the screen is the position and weight of the load, as well as the maximum load capacity in a particular position of the machine, thanks to which profession security.

The machine is also equipped with three cameras: two that monitor the operator’s blind field of view installed in the rear of the machine and the right side (to ensure increased safety of work) and one camera that allows continuous control of the rope slings, which makes it possible to assess the technical condition of the ropes in real time.

Previously, the monster was digging for example at the PKM construction site

The excavator is especially effective not only for the construction of multi-storey deep foundations, but also for the construction of underground railway stations, tunnels or pumping stations.

Previously, geotechnical works were carried out in the same way Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway or Wyspa Spichrzów. The project was also implemented with the same technology and the same machine Shlepov, and soon the monster machine will appear in the building of one of the investments in ul. Jagiellonian.

Technical data of the dredger:

Liebherr HS8100 . crawler crane
12-liter L6 diesel, 523 hp (390 kW), 4th stage emissions with AdBlue
Weight of a hook-armed machine – more than 100 tons
Maximum lifting capacity – 100 tons
The weight of the grapple – 17 tons

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