90 years ago, this movie caused a riot.  His new edition is nominated for an Oscar
  • This fall, a new adaptation of Eric Maria Remarque’s book will premiere on Netflix “No change in the West.” In the film directed by Edward Berger we will see, among others, Daniel Bruhl, Felix Kamerer, Albrecht Schösch and Sebastian Holick
  • Edward Berger’s film will be the third adaptation of Remarque’s novel. The first production of 1930 made history due to exceptionally poor reception in the Weimar Republic
  • Then NSDAP activists caused mass protests, which resulted in this production being banned
  • “Sink bombs were thrown into the hall, which made the air unbearable, and the tension of the audience was maximized, especially since white mice came out of small cardboard boxes in numbers that we suspect were bought from all the pet stores in Berlin ”- stated the director of the cinema Hans Prudnitz in his autobiography
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For the first time in history, a German Oscar nominee will be a film produced by a streaming platform. The national jury decided that our Western neighbors should be represented by Edward Berger’s No Changes in the West, the next version of the film adapted from Eric Maria Remarque’s book.

According to the rules of the American Academy, each candidate will be shown in cinemas, so “In the West Without Changes” will be released from September 29 this year.. Most likely, Netflix will also launch a huge promotion that may bring him the coveted Oscar.

When asked about “film streaming,” Edward Berger responded indignantly. He stressed, “It has always been clear to me that ‘no change must be shown in the West’ in cinemas.”

Work on the group lasted 55 days in and around Prague, a luxury by German standards. The production budget is $20 million, which is not an amazing amount compared to other Hollywood films. In the cast we will see, among others, Daniel Brühl, Albrecht Schösch, David Streisov, Edin Hasanovic and Felix Kamerer (as Paul Bomer).

Erich Maria Remarque’s novel was published in 1929 and quickly achieved unimaginable success. The author presented in a realistic way the horrors of the First World War (of which he was a veteran) – from the destruction caused by artillery and machine guns to the use of chemical weapons. He accurately described the contrast of moods – the initial enthusiasm and great disappointment of the “lost generation”, which for years had not wanted to talk about the trauma of the war.

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Edward Berger refers to the films of the father. World War IIIn which the heroism of the soldiers appears. To date, “In the West without Changes” has had two adaptations: the American version in 1930 (awarded with two Oscars) and the remake with Ian Holm in 1979.

The director asserts in interviews that he wanted to tell the story described by Remarque from a German perspective. In his view, the German view of the First and Second World Wars is still marked by “horror, horror, shame”, a feeling passed down to his generation and to the generation of his children.

There will be no changes in the West will be theatrical premiere on September 27 at the International Cinema in Berlin. Several kilometers from this place, on December 4, 1930 in Mozartsal on Nolendorfplatz (“Goya” today) the premiere of the first film adaptation of the novel (directed by Lewis Milestone) took place. The then elite of the Weimar Republic gathered in the hall.

But the day before, Joseph Goebbels (then a member of the NSDAP) vaguely remarked in his diary that during the screening of the film, “eunuchs should be taught their manners.” The day after the premiere, riots caused by the Salvation Army militia began.

Tommolt grew wilder. Famous speakers shouted from all angles. The fiercest insults spread in the air

Film director Hans Prudnitz recalled in his autobiography.

Eric Maria Remarque – Historica Graphica Collection / HERITAGEIMAGES / Agencja BE&W

Display is interrupted. The light was on. Then the speeches were delivered by: Joseph Goebbels and Ludwig Münchmeier (later known in the Third Reich as an anti-Semitic patron). In many cinemas, the screening of the film had to be interrupted due to the hooligans in the room.

Stink bombs were thrown into the hall, which made the air unbearable, and the tension of the audience was made to the extreme, especially as white mice came out of small cardboard boxes in such numbers that we suspected they had been bought from all the pet stores. in Berlin

Everyone who has a sublime beauty is insulted, then trafficked and beaten. Then a procession of about 1.5 thousand people appeared at Nollendorfplatz. People who tried to break into the cinema. The police arrived a few minutes later

Note Hans Brodnitz.

Two hours later, the situation was under control, but the riots continued into the following days.

The cinema was sheltered by large numbers of people. Every day a water truck stops by the building. Mounted police patrols walked the streets. The agitators protested every day against the screenings of the film at Wittenbergplatz

– added.

In Kudam’s cafes, windows were smashed, and in Mutzstrasse, fanatics climbed to the roof of Mozartsala to cut the power cable. After threats with grenades, firefighters were stationed in the cinema, and security was searched through spectators’ bags.

After several weeks of protests, the police issued a ban on the demonstration. But in the end, the authorities banned the showing of the Weimar Republic film “Unchanged in the West” due to “discrediting Germany”. The Ministry of the Interior issued an interesting statement. This winter, the German nation was “in such a state of deep spiritual anxiety and inner conflict” that it was necessary to reject anything that might deepen the conflict.

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