June 2, 2023


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73-year-old Richard Gere shines at the movie premiere with his wife, 33 years younger (photos)

Richard Gere At his peak, he was considered Hollywood’s main sweetheart. met the actor Julia RobertsAnd Uma Thurman if Priscilla Presley. He also has marriages with Cindy Crawford And Carey Lowell. Although both relationships ended in divorce, he has a son from the latter. Homer James Jigme. In 2018, the star decided to take a vow of love, fidelity and honesty for the third time. This time from Spain Younger than him by more than three decades Activist. from Alejandra Silva In recent years, they had two male children.

Finally, after years of getting into relationships with more women gear He gives the impression of being stable and fond of his wife. He willingly takes her to all sorts of industry events, where they stand enthusiastically together on the walls.

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Also, at the premiere of the last film with his participation, Richard could not come alone. During a comedy show in New York “maybe i do” The actor and the 39-year-old mother of his two youngest children never fail to walk the red carpet together.

At the event, the couple presented themselves in elegant looks. While the 73-year-old wore a black blazer, black shorts and a gray shirt, Alejandra Red dress with a stand-up collar and fold-over hem. She completed the “look” with high heels, a black handbag, and silver jewelry.

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β€œHe took with him,” she writes as if she were a child, a middle-aged woman … Besides, he was supposed to β€œtake” his wife, not some kind of friend. He just came from the area.

On the other hand, it would be a scandal …

My favorite actor but I prefer him in movies where he’s a little younger

Mom, I can’t deal with such a grandfather anymore .. time was nice to him but until time (as I think for everyone :))

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Pretty woman. Age does not protect against love, love protects against old age. good luck

She doesn’t look happy. There is some sadness in his eyes, or so I think.

Good luck, grandmother

They are good, very good. However, I don’t understand how you can be with someone who can be a parent but the huge age difference is disgusting.

How do you feel the love here 😏

Similar to Megan, only black hair has to give! His belated paternity has gone so well… there is a right time for everything in life! At a certain age you must save yourself and not … an intense “family start” ..

At his age, he could only remember what it was like. She looks unhappy and probably drools when she sees the waiters at these parties. Well, he has money and he doesn’t have to work

4909 is amazing. πŸ§‘α΄˜α΄œα΄‹α΄€α΄„α΄’α΄œπŸ§‘ is a portal where prostitutes beg to have sex with them. Amazing, don’t you think so?

I do not respect such women

But time is running fast, someone is stopping it

Poor actor, but he was a good backdrop for Edward Norton in Primal Fear.

Grandpa aged very badly. He was nice and a good actor