70-year career: Patsy Gallant is producing her own show because producers “don’t pay her enough”.

Patsy Gallant will present her program beginning in August Patsy Gallant’s 70-year careerIn it, he will reveal his rich musical journey that began in the 1950s.

But be careful, the 75-year-old woman is making the tour herself, which includes about thirty shows, because she is tired of trying so hard and picking up crumbs.

Patsy Gallant spent some time at the spa with Melanie Maynard on Friday’s episode of “Sucré Salé.”

Photo provided by TVA

“I’ve worked with producers for a long time and they’re great, but they don’t pay me enough,” he told Melanie Maynard on Friday. Sweet salt.

“It’s going to be sick, everything I put together. I’m proud. I wrote an opening and they didn’t expect it. A bit of vaudeville.”

She says she’s “excited” and nervous “because it’s a big mandate at my age.”

Patsy Gallant is not slow, at first she is passionate about the stage, and once she shines there, cures her ailments. “I have severe arthritis, but I go on stage [ça disparaît]. It’s adrenaline, you’ve been doing it since you were 3.

Despite his arthritis, “health is good,” he says. “I work hard, but I sleep well and I meditate. I woke up this morning with full energy. My heart is right.”

Patsy Gallant and Melanie Maynard.

Photo provided by TVA

“I think it’s genetic, I really love what I do. You always have to have plans. See friends, go [faire] Take a walk in the park, learn badminton or tennis. Even if it’s cleaning, don’t just sit around and think in your head.

The man who wants to be a lesser figure than Lady Gaga in a biopic is also working unnecessarily because he says he has debts to pay from all the albums he’s sold and all the shows he’s given.

“Let’s see, I didn’t see the money myself. All the record companies, the producers, the managers – tell me more about the word manager, that’s a word I can’t. I couldn’t cope. I am guaranteed 3 million per year and you can be my manager.

She’s spent a lot in her life, but even in Westmount, real estate “wasn’t expensive at the time,” she says.

I don’t know the word “fair”. I have money and spend it.

Patsy Gallant, who was teased by children in her youth in New Brunswick and never thought she was beautiful, got her revenge decades later when she appeared on the cover of a “youth magazine” at the age of 76.

The new TikToker will be at the Féd National du Québec’s grand exhibition in Montreal on June 24. It will be broadcast on TVA from Maisonneuve Park from 8:30 p.m.

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