70% increase in injuries compared to last week.  The fourth wave has accelerated

During the past 24 hours, 2,085 new cases of coronavirus were confirmed. Deputy Health Minister Waldemar Kraska spoke of the “quickly flashing red light” and experts are wondering why the government has not reacted and what awaits them. – It is clear that the government has turned into a numerator, it is only providing data – confirms Dr. Bauwe Grzyszowski, expert of the Supreme Medical Council on the Coronavirus.

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1. The fourth wave is accelerating. More than 2000 infections

The latest data provided by the Ministry of Health clearly indicates an acceleration of the fourth wave. Compared to last week – the number of infections increased by almost 70%. A week ago, 1,234 cases were confirmed on October 6 – 2085. Experts note that Poland is at the forefront of European countries in terms of the speed of the epidemic’s development. No one has any doubt that the number of patients will increase every day.

From the point of view of the injury season, the worst period is still ahead, everything indicates that. We will have another increase in coronavirus infections. We estimate that it will be between 5,000 and 10,000. Daily infections are at the peak of this wave and may stop at such numbers. We can expect a more difficult regional situation. I don’t think the scale of the problem will be the same as what happened during that The second or third wave, but of course it will be difficult – says Dr. Michal Sotkowski, Chief Family Physician in Warsaw.

We passed another level of the fourth wave.  More than 2000 infections throughout the day

We passed another level of the fourth wave. More than 2000 infections throughout the day (Getty Images)

– The number of injuries will probably reach a certain ceiling and then, figuratively speaking, it will be a long straight with little difference. So we will first reach a certain peak of infection, and then we will remain at the level of several thousand infections per day for a long time. In addition, there will be an analogue of influenza and influenza, which will be imposed on the fourth wave of COVID – the doctor adds.

2. “There are at least five times more injuries.”

Doctors point out that other data is of much greater concern than the sheer number of infections – more and more patients requiring hospitalization, including critically ill, are being sent to intensive care units. There are already more than 2,000 COVID-19 patients in hospitals. Dr. Bowie Grzysiewski stresses that these data better reflect the gravity of the situation.

– We can see that the number of hospital admissions is increasing regularly and very rapidly. The large number of new hospitalizations clearly indicates that we underestimated the detected infections, that is, the main indicator on which the government will base its decisions on potential preventive measures – a forgery. If we follow a wrong pointer, decisions will be delayed – Alerts of Dr. Pawick Grzyszewski, pediatrician, immunologist, expert of the Supreme Medical Council against COVID-19.

– In the eastern provinces, we must already implement preventive measures, but this is not done due to the fact that the number of infections according to official data is not high. The truth is that There are at least five times the number of injuriesWe only do very few tests. Patients do not want to report, and the implication is that we are seeing an increase in hospitalization, which is not proportional to the number of infections detected, the expert points out.

Dr. Sotkowski states that it will deepen the problems flu season.

We must bear in mind that with a greater number of infections, access to healthcare for patients may be difficult, especially in those areas where the number of infections will be higher. It is possible that if there is Corona virus boom in LublinAs we have been talking for a long time, regional problems may arise. The situation is really bad there, and it will be worse, because the number of infections will increase, health care will be busy fighting COVID-19, some patients will not be able to get scheduled treatments and we can have such a regional “recreation.” It may not be the case, but we have to keep that in mind – Dr. Sutkowski admits.

3. Dr. Grzeszewski: The government has turned into a rug

Dr. Grzesiowski criticizes the government for its passivity. In his opinion, measures should be taken now to reduce the number of victims. Meanwhile, instead of actions and drawing the consequences, there are messages and appeals.

– It shocked me more than the announcement of the Minister of Health as of Monday that nothing will change until the end of October, that is Assume full negative for a month. I think that by that time the fourth wave will spread so much that it will be possible to either shut down something or do nothing, because there will be a lot of infection spreading – Dr. Grzysiewski confirms.

– It is sad, because it is clear that the government has turned into a numerator, it only gives data and says: “Everything is growing as we expected”, so it is not possible to intervene at this stage, which is not true. It will be enough to restore strict adherence to and respect for the wearing of masks, and to impose restrictions on group contacts in confined spaces, especially for unvaccinated and unrecovered people. Otherwise, we will have a repeat from last fall – the doctor warns.

4. Report of the Ministry of Health

On Wednesday, October 6, the Ministry of Health published a new report showing this during the past 24 hours 2085 people It was received Positive lab test result for SARS-CoV-2.

The largest number of new and confirmed infections was recorded in the following counties: lubelskie (399), mazowieckie (346), podlaskie (268), ląskie (130).

3 people died due to COVID-19, while 30 people died due to coexistence of COVID-19 with other diseases.

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