70 bags in the middle of the woods with... a corpse.  This experience is horrible

Imagine you buy the contents of an abandoned storage box and go there to check out the treasures waiting inside and there Find bags full of human remains. unbelievable? Conversely, as a family from New Zealand discovered last week, there are many similar stories – just to mention suitcases were found in 2015 at a crowded train station in Tokyo, on the side of the Australian highway in 2019 or on the beach in Seattle in 2020. .

In short, the corpse in suitcases or suitcases, as well as trash cans, suitcases, refrigerators, and freezers, is very common. Because, unlike what we see in the movies, killers rarely leave their bodies on the streets or bury them in makeshift graves, and often look for them. Something that the human body can easily fit and transfer, The above things are most often at hand. Moreover, in this way they buy more time, because they reduce the unpleasant smell or the appearance of insects – the latter, unfortunately, also hinders the work of specialists, on the basis of which they can estimate, among other things, the time of death of the victim.

And that’s why in the Australian outback, as part of the world’s largest experiment in decomposing the body in trash bags and bins, 70 such containers full of dead pigs.

There is also the so-called control of corpses owned by scientists Comparison of distribution in closed containers and in the open (In both cases, the decomposition processes are controlled by temperature, humidity, and precipitation sensors.)

The research began in early Australian winter, around June, a The first search results will be presented in February 2023 A year, about half a year later. But we can already know that now Bags greatly delay the emergence of insects, it is the insects that eventually find their way insidemost likely through the cracks in the locks – however, the vast majority of them can no longer get out of the bag, thanks to which they provide a lot of valuable information, such as toxic information that can be read from their exoskeletons.

What’s worth adding at this point, although the experiment uses piglet carcasses, is On the so-called cadaver farms, decomposition processes are also studied on human volunteers willing to contribute to science after death. – Burying bodies in the ground or leaving them on the surface or submerged in water or in car wrecks. The most famous such facility is the Anthropological Research Facility in Knoxville, but only five of them operate in the United States alone, Canada and Australia also have their own facilities, and researchers from Great Britain and India have applied for approval to create a king.

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