Considering that the allegations of psychological harassment against him were “baseless,” the head of Sue Montgomery’s staff claims that more than 186,000 people have damaged the reputation of Mayor Valerie Plant and the city of Montreal.

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Annalisa Harris, who is running in the next municipal election, says she is “greatly affected” by this history, which began in 2019, in a lawsuit filed in Montreal court. It also targets the city’s Comptroller General, Alain Pond.

The inner-city human resources investigation concluded that Ms Harris was involved in “psychological harassment” against two city employees.

Annalisa Harris, who is running in the election with Sue Montgomery, is suing Valerie Blande over allegations of psychological harassment.

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Annalisa Harris, who is running in the election with Sue Montgomery, is suing Valerie Blande over allegations of psychological harassment.

Creative layoffs

Then in December 2019 measures were taken, especially by preventing the head of staff from communicating with district officials.

A month later, Ms.Me Harris learned during a meeting that he had been recommended for dismissal, which he describes as “in disguise.”

Shortly afterwards, Valerie Plant decided to expel Borough Mayor Sue Montgomery from her party, near Newspaper It was revealed that the head of the staff was the subject of a statement.

MMe Montgomery refused to shoot her without knowing exactly what he was charged with, the case read.

The latter was successful after returning to the courts. The judge specifically ruled that the city’s actions were “out of range of justice, inappropriate and unusual,” the appeal said.

No serious evidence

MMe Harris says it is “clear there is no serious evidence that he was involved in psychological harassment.”

He says the Comptroller General “made a mistake by creating a labor dispute aimed at isolating and oppressing.”Me Harris.

The young woman claims that her reputation has been damaged, that she has suffered a lot mentally and that she is suffering from insomnia and anxiety because of being “publicly portrayed” as causing a toxic work environment.

Annalisa Harris therefore demands the amount of 6 186,125 from the Mayor, Comptroller General and City.

M teamMe Plant said the city “expects justice and peace” for the benefit of all parties, but will appeal.

“Unfortunately, Ms.Me Harris and MMe Montgomery chose to multiply legal solutions. These are citizens of the CDN-NDG metropolis [Côte-Des-Neiges—Notre-Dame-De-Grâce] Who is paying the price for this strategy, ”Genevieve Jutras, the mayor’s press secretary, was quoted as saying in an email.

That’s itMe Harris is running in the election this fall in the new party founded by Sue Montgomery.

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