58. KFPP Opole 2021: Anna Dereszowska criticized heavily for her performance!

Anna Deriszowska is primarily known as an actress. She graduated from the Theater Academy in Warsaw, she plays in serials, films and theater.

Few people know that the star also sings and describes herself as a singer.

So far, she has recorded two albums, but they have not been a resounding success.

Undeterred by this, the actress continues to try her hand at music.

On Friday, September 3, viewers could hear her on stage during the “From Opole to Opole: Biggest Stars! Legendary Songs” concert.

Anna Deriszowska performed the song Red Guitars “Biaoy Krzy”.

Unfortunately, although she tried very hard, her performance was not liked by the fans.

The audience liked not only the interpretation of the song, but also the vocals of Anna Deriszowska, which was expressed in the comments on the Internet.

There are entries mainly about its invalidity.

Have you seen her performance? Do you think he has a chance for a musical career?


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