Without a doubt, WoW (abbreviated as World of Warcraft) stands as one of the best MMORPGs, featuring a fantasy-themed universe (Azeroth) and various characters. Players from worldwide are allowed to jump in and create the avatar of their dream using an extensive customization system. Exploration of the open-ended world won’t be easy, and both options, such as First-person and Third-person, are at your fingertips. A series of quests require players to work together for completion while entering dungeons to explore, and engaging with NPCs are primary objectives. Participating in player versus player (PvP) battles may not let you survive longer because the danger lurks in every corner of the universe.

Not interested in playing with others? No worries, you won’t be forced to play with others when an option, solo mode, has been featured. The solo game type lets you play without interacting with other players; however, the primary gameplay centers on character development and progression, wherein making XP points is required to level up. Leveling up your hero may help you acquire better equipment, weapons, and items, but it’s only possible if you buy WoW Gold using in-game currency. Are you new to WoW and don’t know how to start? Then keep these 10 Things in mind before starting your journey.

Essential Tips to Consider before Starting World of Warcraft

We know it isn’t easy to start with anything new to you; therefore, we jump in with 10 Best Tips for those new to WoW who want to make their journey lovely.

1. Check the PC Requirements

As you know, World of Warcraft doesn’t follow the F2P model; you have to pay to play. Therefore, you should check your system requirements twice before making any purchase, as it could be a plus point and may save you bucks. To check whether WoW will run on your PC or not, you have to visit the official developer’s page.

Microsoft Corporation has ended its service for Windows 7, so consider Windows 10 as the minimum requirement. Besides, your PC should have at least Intel Core i5-3430 Processor, along with 4GB RAM and almost 100 GB Free Space available.

2. Take Advantage of Free Trial

We suggest you play the game in Free Trial before buying it. Spend a few hours in the free trial of 10 days when you choose Standard Edition to learn about the basic features of the game that may help you understand how the game works and does it is worth your time.

For a free trial, you don’t need to be a master in the WoW video game, as it is designed to give you an opportunity to test everything you wish to do in-game.

3. Choose a Playable Race for Your Favorite Characters

Playable Races are introduced to give you thrilling gameplay and several choices to make under two possible factions, such as the Horde and the Alliance. The prominent races under the Alliance Faction are seven, including Humans, Night Elves, and Dwarf. However, the Horde comes with seven races, including Orcs, Undead, and Trolls. In addition, four extra races have been included for each faction that will be unlocked once you assure them you are on their side.

4. Choose Classes Wisely

The selection of races isn’t a big deal, but opting for the character class can be difficult. Twelve classes are featured, each with different skills, abilities, and personalities. Note: Making collaboration between races and classes depends entirely on the player as after experiencing a lot, players better know what races perform better than others because of their race. So, we suggest you choose your role during the free trial and stick with it for ten days for better performance.

5. Choose Your Specialization and Pick up a Profession

The procedure of specialization gets started as you touch level 10. Specializations are available in two to three categories within all Warcraft classes. Doing this may help you grow your character faster and fill your role more accurately. The release of Patch 7.0.3 gives you an opportunity to reset the specialization if you find yourself unhappy with the existing one. For a reset, you should visit “Trainers” and get reset for free. Crossing the level 30 will unlock another “Dual Talent Specialization option.” It is designed to let you move between two specializations alternatively.

Is it essential to choose a profession in WoW? Indeed, it could be a question floating in your mind. The answer is yes, you have to choose a profession, and you can decide or keep two professions per character. A few people mightn’t be interested in getting professions, but we suggest you think about it as it is worth your time.


We included five considerations for those who are going to step into WoW. Keep these five things in mind when starting the game; these will help you a lot.

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