5 shooting secrets on 5 guys for me

Recently, the new bachelor had the opportunity to chat with Melanie I have 5 people. After the show he told us about his serious relationship with Danny (Read it all here) As well as behind the scenes of the TVA product.

So here are 5 things you may not know (maybe not) about Reality TV shooting:

  1. On TV, even on reality TV, we don’t always shoot chronologically, everything here happens as it is presented to us on screen. The adventure lasts for 4 days for the participants and all the events are shown in the order in which they experienced. ” We only take 22 minutes to shoot over 12-13 hours Melanie says.
  2. Women receive applications before the show and choose their favorites. For example, we submitted nine lawyers to Melanie, who selected five to participate in her week.
  3. There are some men in the “back-up” if one of them is not finally available at the time of filming or in the meantime he finds love. This is exactly what happened at the last minute when Melanie decided to change her person.
  4. Filming of the first season of the Quebec edition I have 5 people It happened last fall. Melanie’s weekly shows were filmed seven months ago.
  5. Melanie tells us two shooting secrets:

On the last day, he spends some time with his two latest shooters, and they discuss important things at his spa. ” The water was so cold! What if we forgot to leave him … I was really looking forward to it being over at that point, it was like an important moment.

There was also a small glitch during the first elimination. ” For a moment I grabbed my face and seemed utterly tired of having to announce the identity of the person leaving, but in reality I was trying to control a funny laugh. Because, during my speech, I saw Fred and I said: “Tonight, Martin is the person who has to leave the house”, but I see Fred. So, there, we had to return to that area, but it was impossible, and we laughed too much.

Note that next week I have 5 people, We meet Mylene, a 30-year-old businessman from Cronby. See it below.

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