While experienced professionals applying for senior positions are not expected to include any hobbies in their resumes, for students and specialists with little experience, filling in this section is a winning option that can help them stand out among hundreds of other applicants.

Hobbies and interests can tell a lot about you, your personal qualities, and your skills. In addition, they allow the HR staff and the hiring manager to see if you will be able to fit in the corporate climate. This is why it is so important to choose your hobbies wisely.

Below you will find five hobbies that look great on your resume. But remember that you need to genuinely like the hobby that you are practicing, otherwise, talking about it will not light up any sparks in your eyes, and you will never be able to sound convincing. So, do not hesitate to pick up different activities, try them out, and choose those that truly excite you.

1.   Tutoring

You have possibly heard that helping others makes us happier. Here is a chance for you to try this theory out and simultaneously make your potential employers want to hire you right away. Tutoring is a hobby that will highlight your superb soft skills, commitment, and responsibility.

Choose a subject you are especially knowledgeable in and start tutoring younger schoolchildren who have fallen behind and need academic help. You will be surprised how much progress a child can make when supported by a caring and enthusiastic tutor. Do not worry if some of the assignments turn out to be too complex even for you. You can always use an essay writing service in usa and ask professional paper writers to help you out.

2.   3D Printing

It will demonstrate your interest in mathematics, geometry, and physics and also your ability to apply their principles in practice through creating functional three-dimensional designs. And there is, probably, no better way to show that you are passionate about technology and willing to learn.

In addition, 3D printing perfectly pairs up with other hobbies. And, when you become proficient enough, it can also grow from a fun pastime into a source of additional income. If you consider taking up 3D printing as a hobby, you might want to look for helpful tips for beginners online.

3.   Endurance Running

We all know that endurance running is a great active hobby that boosts your spirits (the so-called ‘runner’s high’ is caused by the release of endorphins) and improves your cardiovascular health. Your employers will be glad to discover that you are a runner and will not be too likely to take many sick days.

But apart from that, it is also a hobby that proves that you are consistent, persevering, self-disciplined, and self-motivated. Marathoners need to do at least 3 to 5 runs per week to get ready for the race day. But do not be intimidated! Marathon running is usually done at a slow, relaxed pace. So, you can lead a conversation with a person running next to you or listen to the music and enjoy the views.

It is also a great chance for you to think through your assignments and create a mental outline for your essays and papers. If right now you are wondering who could help me write my essay, try going for a run – it will clear your head and fill it with fresh ideas.

Did you know that Haruki Murakami is an avid runner and even wrote a book on the subject called What I Talk About When I Talk About Running? Maybe, running will inspire you too!

4.   Baking Healthy Pastries

Baking is a wonderful indoor hobby that will help you relieve stress and anxiety as well as teach you to lead a more mindful life. And it will also show your potential employers that you, on the one hand, are creative and eager to experiment and, on the other hand, can follow the instructions and work hard on your skills until you get the desired result. And just like most bakers, you are also quite likely to be viewed as a kind, generous, and sociable person who is eager to share the fruits of your labor with people around you.

5.   Gardening and Planting Trees

Gardening might seem to be an activity more suitable for retirement than for college years, but in truth, it is an amazing hobby that has a wide range of benefits both for your health and your resume.

Gardening can help you cope with stress, get into shape, and feel proud of yourself because you are making this world a much better place to live. Join “Plant a Billion Trees” or a similar initiative to become the change you want to see in this world, and do not forget to mention it when you are putting together your resume. You will signal that you are hard-working, well-organized, and ecologically minded. And you never know, you might inspire your future colleagues to take up this green hobby as well!

Wrapping Up

With all the assignments, deadlines, and chores right now, you might feel like you do not have any free time at all. But, quite counterintuitively, a new hobby might help you become more effective and get more things done in less time.

When you do what you love, you recharge the inner batteries that will keep you energetic and motivated long afterward. Thus, a hobby that you are truly enthusiastic about will allow you to live a more balanced life as well as enhance your resume.

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