If you’re new to Forex, you’ve undoubtedly already been overwhelmed by the amount of information you need to study and grasp. If you have already started reading about forex trading you would know that having a clear trading strategy holds the most importance. You have to keep in check the optimal timeframe for trading forex, the greatest currency pairs to trade forex and choose a suitable trading platform like Bitcoin Trader to accurately analyze forex charts for you. In this article we have summarized the top 10 trading strategies that will help you become a seasoned forex trader. 

5 Best Forex Trading Strategies In 2022

1. Trend Trading

It is based on following the currency’s directional movement.or currency pair’s current trend. A frequent technique is to buy on pullbacks in uptrends and sell on rallies in downtrends.

When a trend trader enters a position in the direction of the trend, they are likely to keep it until the market reaches their target or the trend reverses. Trailing stop loss orders are widely used by trend traders to protect their profits in the event of a big reversal.

To smooth out price activity and discern trends more quickly, many trend traders use technical analysis indicators like the Average Directional Movement Indicator (ADX) and/or moving averages. To detect a possible reversal, they may use longer and shorter term moving averages, as well as crossovers.

The 4-hour candlestick chart for EUR/JPY below indicates an upward trend in progress following a significant plunge, with a 10-day moving average in red and the ADX in the indicator box beneath.

2. Scalping

Scalping involves taking multiple small profits on very short-term trades. Scalpers frequently examine price charts for patterns that can aid them in predicting future exchange rate movements. They frequently evaluate utilizing very short-term tick charts, such as the EUR/USD chart shown below. Scalpers should look for a broker with narrow spreads, reliable order execution, and little order slippage.

3. News Trading

News trading strategies can be based on both fundamental and technical analysis, and they typically benefit from the substantial volatility that occurs in the forex market immediately following important news releases.

News traders routinely utilize economic calendars to keep track of significant data releases. They then closely monitor the market before the event to identify important support and resistance levels so that they can react quickly in response to the results. News traders must maintain strict discipline and constantly set stop-loss and take-profit orders in the market when managing currency positions in such fast markets.

Unemployment claims in the United States are an example of an economic calendar and a data release event that a news trader could take advantage of. During the COVID-19 shutdown in the United States, this data was extremely volatile, and its release triggered substantial fluctuations in the FX market. Despite the poor job numbers, the market was more interested with how the outcome differed from expectations.

4. Day Trading

Another short-term trading strategy is day trading, which is limited to a single trading session. Because day traders rarely keep positions overnight, they close all trades each day. When a trader isn’t paying attention to the market, their exposure to market volatility is reduced.

Trading tactics based on technical analysis of intraday price movement on short-term charts are used by the bulk of day traders. There are a variety of day trading strategies accessible, but one of the most popular is breakout trading. When the exchange rate for a currency pair rises above a specified level on the chart, trades are made, and they are verified when volume rises.

Swing trading versus momentum trading

Swing traders aim to profit from larger market moves. by trading both with and against significant moves while the market is correcting, which necessitates holding overnight positions.

Swing traders are primarily concerned with entering and leaving positions utilizing buy and sell signals generated by momentum indicators. Traders use them to spot overbought or oversold markets that can be sold or bought. Swing traders can also buy ahead of support or sell ahead of resistance levels on the exchange rate charts of a currency pair.


If you’ve chosen a forex trading strategy, bear in mind that money management and your trading mindset are crucial to your success. Take some time to educate yourself on those areas of forex trading as well.

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