4K UltraBox + with ADB's Graphyne3 System

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The new solution will provide subscribers Channel + Access to the latest functionality on decoders 4K UltraBox +i.e. the ability to watch past-streamed content without having to record it (Catch-up TV), the ability to run an ongoing program right from the start (Start-over), and access to an extensive library of on-demand content and streaming applications such as Netflix (Other applications are expected to follow soon, ADB reports). All this will enrich the current TV offer of the player and will be available through a modern interface Graphyne3™ From ADB. More information about the new program at this link.

Thanks to the introduction of the new Graphyne3™ system and an easy-to-configure user interface, CANAL+ will be able to adapt the service to subscribers’ needs on an ongoing basis and implement its business assumptions respectively.. By implementing the new solution, the operator receives a unique tool that is designed to easily provide customers with personalized content recommendations and at the same time facilitate their browsing.

In December, as part of a trial implementation, the new version of the service will be made available to Some users of 4K UltraBox+ decoders (some ADB NCP-3670SF – JADA decoders). In the first quarter of 2022, other customers with UHD decoders from CANAL+ will receive an upgrade for new functionality and a new CANAL+ style interface, according to an ADB report.

– Our long-term cooperation with CANAL + is a great example of continuous development and advanced development, which allows us to adapt already implemented decoders to the needs of the ever-changing market. Together with the CANAL + team, we have prepared a modern and attractive version of the operator service that subscribers will surely appreciate. The implementation of the Graphyne3™ system for CANAL +, the leading operator in Poland, confirms our expertise in software design and system integration for the pay-TV industry – says Jacek Galic, Senior Vice President of Sales, Asian Development Bank.

– CANAL + customers will soon have access to the latest solutions that connect the world of traditional TV with the world of VOD. This is a giant and important step for us, which will improve the functionality of our decoders and completely change the experience of using TV – he says Artur Przybysz, Vice Chairman of the Board of Sales Management at CANAL + Polska.

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