January 27, 2023


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375 companies announced their withdrawal from Russia.  However, some still work

375 companies announced their withdrawal from Russia. However, some still work

From February 24, when Russian forces invaded Ukraine on the orders of Vladimir Putin 375 companies announced their withdrawal from Russia Professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld and his research team from Yale University list.

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Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Volkswagen, Nissan, Audi, Apple, Amazon, Boeing, Daimler, Dell, Lidl, IKEA or DHL – These are just examples of the following companies Operations halted or withdrawn from Russiai – It has also stopped delivering its products and components SamsungThe luxury products that Russian women love have also disappeared Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel or Balenciaga.

“List of Shame”

Although the list of companies that clearly indicated to the world and Putin that they do not accept the war in Ukraine is very long, there are also companies that have not withdrawn from Russia. but maybe German Lorenz, famous in our market, that is, the owner of the Crunchips brand, the manufacturer of Oriflame cosmetics or Asus computers.

Professor Sonnenfeld so far Update “List of Shame”Where you can even find Italian Pirelli Tire Factory or still works Subway franchise network. Neither LG Electronics nor Bosch has officially announced the withdrawal from Russia – We can read from the compiled list at Yale.

But according to recent reports, he also belongs to the French group Adeo (Asscoiate Familiale Mulliez) Auchan, Decathlon, or Leroy Merlin She continues to work in Russia.

Operating in the Polish market However, Leroy Merlin Polska distances herself from these ads. The online store website still displays a statement that the Leroy Merlin Polska Board of Directors has made a decision On the suspension of cooperation with suppliers from Russia and Belarus And about the allocation of funds to help the Ukrainians.

Over the weekend, he also posted a comment on the situation on social media. We work here in Poland and We have no influence on the activities of companies in other countries“- We read.

Polish too Ocean Retail Polska On social mediaThat “in the spirit of solidarity with refugees from Ukraine, continues its activities in the field of assistance“.