365 days: this day.  Marissa songs in the movie.  Who is the young singer?

The first part of the movie365 days“Based on the book Blanca Lipinska It sparked a lot of controversy. Bold scenes of close-ups between the actors were widely commented on, and the artistic value of the production was often called into question, but everyone paid attention to the gorgeous visuals and music featured on the soundtrack. In the second part of the exciting trilogy entitled “365 days: like this day“These elements also play an important role. But the important change is that apart from songs that are known abroad, the film uses Brand new songs created especially for the movie. It is performed by, among others, Marissa – a young singer who has one of the most interesting new voices in the Polish indie pop scene. In an interview with Plejada, the artist talked about how the music for the sequel “365 Days” was created.

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365 days: this day. Marisa’s songs in the movie

So far Marisa has released four singles (“Offline”, “Nieodebrane”, “Escape” and “Friend”) and a three-song EP from the movie “365 dni: Ten Dzień” (“365 days”, “if you like it” and “by your side”) and the English version of “A Friend” – “Poison”. How did Marisa get involved in the film music industry?

– It’s an amazing and very simple story. The HOTEL TORINO production team, such as Patryk Kumór, Damian Skoczyk, Jan Bielecki and Dominik Buczkowski, with whom I work daily, has invited me to collaborate. I was very happy and going I am very happy to be able to participate in such an event She said in an interview with Thuraya:

– Working on songs, not just songs, because I also wrote lyrics for other songs from this movie, mainly based on seeing a picture.

Once we decided what feelings we wanted to convey, we got to work. Guided by our feelings, we created music, wrote songs, and this is how these numbers were created Marisa explained.

The young artist carefully observes reality, she picks up stories from it, which she later tells in songs – whether it is her songs or those written for others. – My music is always completely mine. Nobody writes the lyrics for me, and in music production I am always present and give some tips to make it sound as I imagined it. As for the words, I have to admit it I often write them with tears in my eyesBecause she’s emotionally attached to them, she admitted.

Music is not the only talent of Marisa, she trained in dance for 7 years and tried many different styles, such as hip-hop, jazz or disco, and now she is returning to her acrobatics and hip-hop classes. In addition, he can also imitate the voices of famous artists such as Ariana Grande, Shakira or Bill Eilish.

When asked about musical idols and inspiration, she replied:

– For a long time, these are: Ariana Grande in the audio area (creating vocals, harmony or choruses) and Billie Eilish in the text area, but to be honest, I’ve been writing and creating a lot lately I stopped focusing on who is my inspiration. I can even say I stopped needing them for a while.

Photo: Zuza Sosnowska


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