30 years ago, the Olympic Stadium riots

On August 8, 1992, Metallica, Faith No More and Guns N’ Roses performed at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal. A show that went down in history, but not for musical reasons. Back to events.

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The bands Metallica, Guns N’ Roses and Faith No More were called by many the act of the century. Metallica singer James Hedfield crashed on stage after pyrotechnic elements underwent a configuration change. He suffered severe burns on his hand and face. The band’s performance was interrupted. Known for their tour antics, Axl Rose and his band kept fans waiting… two hours before finally taking the stage for a 55-minute show, asking 57,000 fans for refunds.


Of course, fans who paid for their tickets said they didn’t get their money. The event promoter said fans would not be refunded. Anger erupted. Sweaters were burned on the floor. Broken toilets. Burnt advertising cars. The police were not prepared. And for good reason: They expected the show to end later. So, as soon as the rioters came out, police cars, streetlights and post boxes were vandalized.

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Ten civilians were injured. 8 more police officers were injured. A dozen arrests were made and damage was estimated at nearly half a million dollars. To quote an article by Marie-Christine Blais published on Saturday August 15, 1992:

Last Saturday, fans of Guns N’ Roses realized their idol wasn’t to their liking. The title of the band’s latest album, Use your imagination“Exploit your illusions” can be translated as “we exploit your illusions”.

Marie-Christine Place

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