3 minutes to recharge and 20000 lifetime?  The new battery is the guarantee of that

Batteries usually take a long time to charge, which is a particular problem in the case of electric cars. However, a variety of industries could benefit from potential developments in this regard.

Tyfast wants to create a vanadium-based battery. Charging will take 3 minutes, while the service life will then be 20,000 charging cycles. Conversely, the energy density should be between 80 and 90 percent of the values ​​found in current batteries.

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As explained by representatives of the said company, the ultimate goal is to charge 20 times faster and last 20 times longer than currently available lithium batteries. The charging time is limited by how quickly the lithium ions enter and leave the anode. Graphite is commonly used in the production of anodes for a structure where ions “squeeze” between the layers.

Using lithium and vanadium oxide anodes instead, Tyfast engineers make the ions move in three dimensions. As a result, its mobility is ten times faster than that of graphite. While graphite changes its volume by up to 10 percent, the difference in this case is less than 2 percent. As a result, the risks of mechanical and chemical damage to the positive electrodes are lower, and the battery life is longer.

The battery uses vanadium-based anodes to provide a lot of possibilities

One of the drawbacks of the new solution is its low power density, although some companies are working, among other things, on a silicon anode that can provide a power density two times higher than that of graphite. Electric cars, for example, would benefit because their driving range would increase exponentially. However, another issue is that Tyfast anodes cost twice as much to produce as compared to graphite-based anodes.

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On the other hand, with a longer service life in mind, the final difference may be much smaller. We shouldn’t have to wait long to check out the bustling. Tyfast says they will deliver a prototype with a life of 20,000 cycles and a charging time of less than 3 minutes by the end of the year.

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