[24tp.pl] He took zakopianinie and made a movie.  Full Hall at Dangerous Gentlemen Gallery (Video, Photos)

The film tells a story that “could have happened.” It features a whole galaxy of well-known historical figures, from the main character Tadeusz Boy Żeleński and Witkacy, through Joseph Conrad to Józef Piłsudski, Włodzimierz Lenin and Nadieżda Krupska. The film is a comedy that takes place in the city of Zakopane and the Tatra Mountains. The scenes were filmed, among others at Dom pod Jedlami, near the Tatra Museum, in the Kościeliska Valley and near Morskie Oko. Some may like the slightly quirky script, others may not, but the stellar acting of Thomas Kott, Andrei Ciorin, Wojciech Michoaldowski, and Marcin Dorosinski definitely grabs attention. The particular setting was not accidental, because it was Nosalowy Dwór that was the background for the creation of the painting. This is where the cast and extras get ready to play their roles.

This premiere was the most important

– Thank you for choosing to watch the movie here. We’ve had premieres in Krakow, Warsaw and Katowice, but I was really excited about the premiere in Zakopane, just don’t tell SEPROM because they’ll be offended, – said director Maciej Kawalski, for whom this is his debut. He emphasized that most of the photographs were taken in Zakopane and that the artists and historical figures who were the protagonists of the film lived or visited here.

– He asks me many times where the idea for the film came from. Most of the film came from my love of Zakopane and the Tatra Mountains, and I’ve been coming here for many years. When I was thinking about my first film, which is kind of paralyzing for any director, Kowalski said, I knew it was going to be Zakopane.

Take the burial

As mentioned, the second question he’s often answered is “what do you need to ‘take’ to create a movie that has intrigue, madness and murder. – Quoting Witkacy, you just have to take ‘zakopianina’, that state of mind that going down under the Tatra Mountains” It’s a thing private. We spent a few months here, you can see him on screen, and it’s been a great adventure for us,” the director said during the screening.

Created during the pandemic, the pictures were constantly postponed, but to date the picture has been seen in Polish cinemas by more than 100,000 people. – This is where we had our peaceful base, I would like to thank everyone who contributed to it, and at the end of my speech I will use the words of Boy Żeleński himself, who inspired me enough to make a film about him: “I bring a refreshing smile out of the dullness and sadness of life, it is shallow and commercial. But repeating the cliches over and over again, you will rot, you will die, you will be eaten by bugs. Ah, what depth.

We need comedy

He emphasized that we need comedy in our lives, especially in these times.

Tomáš Kot said that this is a special moment for the cast, both personally and professionally. – When we finished filming, the director and producer said that they would take their favorite actors to the premiere in Zakopane, – said Thomas Kott, inviting the audience to the performance.


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