$22,000 loss due to technical error at Festi-grÎles de la Côte-Nord

Organizers of the Festi-GrÎles de la Côte-Nord in Sep-Îles discovered that card payments at the entrance to the site were not working, resulting in a shortfall of approximately $22,000.

On Saturday evening, the organizers of the Festi-grÎles de la Côte-Nord in Uashat realized that the terminals for bank cards had been configured in “training” mode since the start of the event on Thursday.

As a result, the machines issued receipts that the transaction was authorized. But in reality, the money never reaches the bank account of the non-profit organization behind the festival.

“I will not hide from you that there have been tears in the committee,” said Hugo Rossignol, chairman of the board of directors of the Festi-Cruelles de la Côte-Nord.

“We said to ourselves, this could be the end of the festival. We were in crisis management with the key box, he said. We made a management plan. We decided to let people be happy and enjoy the evening on Saturday.

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On social networks on Sunday, organizers of the Festi-grÎles de la Côte-Nord appealed for honesty, asking people to pay for their admission. As of Monday morning, approximately $5,000 of the approximately $22,000 missing had been recovered.

“It’s touching,” said Hugo Rossignol.

September-Iles Mayor, Steve Beaupre, personally donated at least $500 to the festival.

“We want to ensure the sustainability of this festival, Mr. Beaupre pointed out. We had some great times this weekend. It’s improving, it’s growing, there shouldn’t be too big a deficit.

A stall at the festival broadcasts this call for honesty.

“There are beautiful activities, there are beautiful things, barbecue lovers rejoice. There is beautiful music. I think our beautiful city has a place in September-Isles, but people need to participate and give their due,” said boutique co-owner Danielle Poitras. SMB.

The organizers accept Interac transfers to the email address of Festi-GrÎles de la Côte-Nord or in person at the specialist accountant Dufour-Dubé.

Hugo Rossignol said it was too early to announce a return or the end of the festival.

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