21. New Horizons: "Theo and His Metamorphoses" is the best movie

Faithful to the spirit of the contest section of the New Horizons Festival, whose premise is to appreciate creativity and courageously support and visionary artists and artists, walk their own paths, often against the tide and against fashion, and comment on the most pressing of their problems with their unique language, we decided to award the grand prize. The festival is a bold and surprising film, an exciting experience for viewers and changing the perspective of reality and cinema. It is an introductory journey into adulthood—wonderful, intelligent and inspiring at the same time—during which a young man not only discovers but also changes—with the power of his soul—the world, his body, the bodies of others, death and love. It is also a journey in search of yourself. A journey towards self-definition, where the inner world has the power to shape reality, using an unconstrained, ever-evolving and ever-astonishing audiovisual language. The film proves that becoming oneself can be a dazzling and unimaginable performance in which the main character inspires us by showing his weaknesses, fears, and strengths through a poetic and radical experience. We are not only dealing with the transformation of the main character and our vision of reality. The film is also an invitation to step into the skin of the other and see the world through his eyes. As writer and human rights activist James Baldwin has said, it is especially important in this day and age to remember that “the other is another you.”
– This is how the jury justifies its verdict: Olga Tokarczuk (President) – winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature; Catarina Vasconcelos from Portugal, Grand Prix winner of 20 New Horizons for “Bird Transformation”; Burhan Qurbani – born in Germany, son of Afghan refugees, author of “Berlin Alexander Platz” – a work that won five German film awards; Adina Pintilie – Romanian director, author of “Touch Me Not”, a film that received the Golden Bear award at the Berlinale 2018, Jagoda Schilk – director, screenwriter, author, among others “Tower. Bright Day” and “Monument”.

The jury also awarded the film “The Feathers” by Omar Al-Zuhairi.

The audience of 21 New Horizons also chose the winner. The Audience Award, sponsored by OPPO, went to Georges Peter Barbari, author of The Death of Innocence and the Sin of Not Being. It is worth noting that the ratings of all films in the competition were high.

This year’s awardee for the shortlisted film author is Jamina Wojc, director of Her Secret – To encourage you to discover your inner child who views the world in a way free from prejudices and stereotypes, but full of grace, openness and insight. The scholarship is funded by the New Horizons Association.

The audience gathered at the Capitol Musical Theater today witnessed the premiere of the award-winning film, selected in the Film Your Story competition, which New Horizons was pleased to co-organise with OPPO. The authors of “Lila”, Dominika Trybulec and Kacper Świtalski, received a prize of 10,000 zlotys.

For the fourth time at the festival, Zuzanna Jagoda Kolska was the youngest artist to participate in New Horizons. The award, which was received this year by Carol Ullman, director of the film “Little End of the World”, shown at the festival, is a gesture of support for the author’s talent.

As the founders explained, The goal of the award is to encourage people to tell the world in the language of their own sensitivity, and to persevere on an uncertain artistic path of evolution. award to them. Zuzanna Jagoda Kolska is, above all, a warm and forever vivid memory of Zuzia’s absent voice. We want to appreciate courage. Youth support. Give a chance to evolve. To believe that every help brings good. Remember about Susan.

The film “Theo and His Metamorphoses” will be shown on the last day of the festival’s fixed segment – on Sunday, August 22 at 1 p.m. 15:30. Tomorrow at 12:45. Both are also available online at the site Nowehoryzonty.pl.

This is not the end of the festival – until August 29 we invite you to the online segment of New Horizons!

The 22nd New Horizons International Film Festival will be held from July 21-31, 2022.

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